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The goal of the college is to provide accessible, affordable, high quality educational opportunities for our students. Bucks is committed to enabling our students to achieve their personal goals and enhance their capabilities to impact the world around them. Students receive personal attention from distinguished and experienced faculty, and have access to advanced technology in exceptional facilities. Our learning environment encourages robust engagement among students, staff and the community at large.

The college offers highly regarded academic transfer programs as well as career focused training. These opportunities are presented at our three outstanding campuses as well as online. The Board of Trustees wants you to be successful by the terms in which you define success. We want you to feel the entrepreneurial spirit, energy and drive that motivate all our college stakeholders - students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community – to be the best we can be. We encourage you to spend some time with us and sample the array of opportunities and programs available to you. Consider all the ways you can engage in the life of the college and your community. Make Bucks County Community College your own!

Elizabeth Fineburg, Chair

Meet The Board

Elizabeth Fineburg

Elizabeth Fineburg (2024)

William Maeglin

William Maeglin (2020)
Vice Chair

Philip Wursta

Philip Wursta (2022)

Carol Mignoni Ferguson

Carol Mignoni Ferguson (2022)
Assistant Secretary

Garney Morris

Garney Morris (2020)
Executive Committee

David Breidiger

David Breidiger (2022)

James Dancy

James Dancy (2024)

Dr. Broadus Davis

Dr. Broadus Davis (2024)

Blake Eisenhart

Blake Eisenhart (2022)

Frank Farry

Frank Farry (2024)

Elizabeth Graver

Elizabeth Graver (2020)

Otto Grupp

Otto Grupp (2022)

Linda Mannherz

Linda Mannherz (2024)

Carol Shelly

Carol Shelly (2024)

Thomas Skiffington

Thomas Skiffington (2020)


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