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Center for Workforce Development


The Metalwork Pre-Apprentice Training Program introduces participants to the fundamental concepts and skills required in the field of advanced manufacturing. Metal fabricators design and create structural metal parts for a variety of industries, including auto, medical, food, shipbuilding, and construction.

Metalwork Training

Industrial Maintenance

The Industrial Maintenance Pre-Apprentice Training Program introduces participants to the fundamental concepts and hands-on skills required by electro-mechanical technicians. Electro-mechanical technicians combine knowledge of mechanical technology with knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits.

Industrial Maintenance Training

Electrical Apprentice

This intensive four-year apprenticeship training program is designed to provide an electrical apprentice with the necessary theory and practical training to earn the status of an electrician. Bucks is partnering with Independent Electrical Contractors - Chesapeake (IECC) to offer this 4-year Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

Electrical Apprentice

Bucks + NJ Transit

Locomotive Engineer + Conductor Training

NEW Live Online Format with three in-person sessions at Lower Bucks.
The Transportation Industry has had a great resurgence and is one of the fastest growing industries in the country today. The highly skilled crafts of Locomotive Engineer and Conductor are in great demand. Whether you are looking for a good salary, job security or a challenging career, the Transportation Industry in the local area and beyond has numerous employment opportunities available.
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Locomotive Engineer + Conductor