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Summer sessions begin June 10 & July 1.
Fall classes start as early as August 21.

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Summer Sessions

Session Start Date End Date
Summer Session I (6-week) 5/20/24 6/28/24
Summer Session I (12-week) 5/20/24 8/9/24
Summer Session II (9-week) 6/10/24 8/9/24
Summer Session III (6-week) 7/1/24 8/9/24
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Fall Semester

Term Start Date End Date
Full Term 8/21/24 12/12/24
August Modular 8/21/24 10/9/24
September Modular 9/9/24 12/12/24
October Modular 10/14/24 12/12/24

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Registration is easy! Once you've had your schedule approved by an advisor, watch this walk-through of the online registration process for a detailed look at exactly how you can register online for your classes using Student Self Service.

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