First in My Family

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About Our Campaign

At Bucks we believe all students deserve the chance to better their lives through higher education!  

We strive to remove barriers for students who are on their path towards academic and professional success. We have helped countless students overcome educational hurdles through our Student Emergency Fund and Scholarships. Each of them has a personal story of grit and determination, and of challenges overcome in their pursuit of higher education.

The "First In My Family" campaign is about supporting and celebrating our high-achieving, first-generation students in their college journey!

First-generation college students face various challenges when trying to excel both academically and socially within college. This happens because first-generation students and their families do not yet have experience with the college processes and may lack an understanding of many of these processes. Because this is the case, it is important to provide first-generation students with the support needed in order to succeed in college and make the most out of that experience.

Your donation today will help support first-generation scholarships and other initiatives on our campuses that support our most vulnerable students.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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