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Out of School Youth Program

About Out of School Youth Program

The Out of School Youth Program offers free GED Instruction and Job Services for Bucks County Youth ages 16-24. For those who already have a HS diploma or GED, contact us to see if you qualify for our Employment Services. The OSY Program is located at the two locations of the PA CareerLink® Bucks County in Trevose and Perkasie. In addition to in-person services, OSY also offers a virtual component: remote enrollment, online GED classes and Employment Services can all be done from your home.

Participants enrolled in the OSY Program will have all the fees related to the GED covered, including texts, online resources, study material, and testing fees. OSY also offers Employment Services: Job placement assistance, resume, interview prep, and other tools are available to give Bucks County Youth the employability skills they need to enhance their career opportunities. In addition, funding is available for job training: Metalworking, Industrial Maintenance, Bookkeeping, Microsoft Office Technology and Customer Service Specialist, Pharmacy Tech, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, computer-related training and certifications, and many more.

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Our Locations


4800 E Street Rd #50, Trevose, PA 19053


Center for Advanced Technologies

1304 Veterans Hwy, Bristol, PA 19007


Upper Bucks

One Hillendale Rd, Perkasie, PA 18944


Gene and Marlene Epstein Campus at Lower Bucks

1304 Veterans Hwy, Bristol, PA 19007


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect during enrollment?

    Registration is a time when you first meet with your onboarding counselor or program coordinator. You will complete an application and a few other forms that will tell us a little about you so we can start you on the best path.

    You will also be asked to complete an assessment of your reading and math skills. This assessment will help us gear your GED training program to your specific needs. Your counselor or coordinator will review the results with you so you, too, know the path we have set for you.

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  • Are these in person or virtual?

    Classes are typically held in-person at either our Trevose or Perkasie locations. Additionally we offer virtual and hybrid instruction. It is best to check with staff for the current status of in-person classes once enrolled in the program.

  • Will it cost me anything to participate?

    No, all expenses relating to the GED – materials, instruction and predictor tests are at no cost. Some programs will pay for your final tests too. If not, tests in each subject costs $30.00 so you will need to pay $120.00 in total.

    All employment services are also no cost.

  • Who can I talk to about my future career goals?

    The OSY Program has a Career Specialist that can work with you to plan your career path utilizing career assessment tools, career counseling, and employment-related workshops and trainings.

    Through our partnership with the PA CareerLink Bucks County we can provide additional specialized services.

  • As an employer interested in hiring youth, who can I contact?

    Contact us at HSEandWorkforce@bucks.edu We will provide you with more information about the specifics of the program, our wage reimbursement program, as well as helping you find qualified candidates for your business.

  • I don’t have a computer. Is that going to be an issue?

    Computers are available for in-person instruction and for assessment & testing. For virtual learning, students can use computers, laptops, tablets, and/or cell phones. Assistance is available in obtaining the proper technology.

  • How long will it take to get my GED?

    The High School Equivalency (HSE) program is based on your individual strengths and challenges. While the GED national average finds that students need a full school year to obtain their HSE, we find that many students can complete the program in less time. There is a direct correlation between how quickly you are able to finish and how much time you are able to spend learning the material in class and outside of class.

  • What if I don’t want to go to college? What other options can you help me with?

    We can work with you to determine your career interests and develop a Career Pathway based off of your strengths as well as what jobs are available in the county. In addition, we have access to multiple funding sources for training programs in many high skilled industries such as manufacturing, computer/IT-related training and healthcare professions.

  • School was always a challenge for me. How are these programs different?

    Our High School Equivalency classes are designed to meet you where you are right now, based on your strengths and areas you are looking to improve. Our instructors take an individualized approach in designing your program of study. All HSE classes are small in size and utilize multiple resources based on how you learn best. These resources may include multiple text options, videos, online learning, handouts, assessments to gauge your readiness to proceed, and most importantly resources that are tailored to your needs at that specific time. You will have input in the entire process.

  • How does a GED differ from a HSE from a HiSET?

    In Pennsylvania, students who successfully complete their program will receive a High School Equivalency (HSE). The Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved two companies to offer HSE services – GED Testing Services, Inc. and HiSET – an ETS company. Both programs are based on the Common Core requirements needed for a High School Diploma in Pennsylvania. Therefore, both companies have demonstrated that the same skills required of high school graduates are also required of high school equivalency graduates. We can offer testing from both companies.

  • I don’t have a car. How will I get to class?

    Public transportation may be available in your area. However, if it is not, please share this information with us at enrollment. Once enrolled in the the OSY program we can provide Supportive Services to mitigate transportation barriers.

  • Do I actually get a diploma when I finish?

    Yes! Students who successfully complete all four tests and receive their High School Equivalency in Pennsylvania can order a diploma. Students should contact diplomasender.com for more information. In addition to the achievement of completing your studies, the OSY program also holds a GED Graduation at the end of each Program Year to celebrate your success!

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For Employers

The Out of School Youth program partners with local businesses to provide reliable individuals, ages 16-24, for staffing needs. We offer reimbursement of participant wages to employers, up to an entry level wage per hour*, while covering the cost of necessary workplace certifications such as OSHA10, First Aid, and ServSafe®. Our participants will utilize the skills they have learned completing our extensive job-readiness training with an emphasis on the "soft-skills" that are in such high demand.

Partnering together, we can help the young adults of Bucks County find valuable, sustainable employment while ensuring that you have the skilled staff you need. To learn more about our program, or to receive resumes of qualified candidates, contact HSEandWorkforce@bucks.edu

*Varies per industry