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Meet Professor & Coordinator of Engineering at Bucks, Dr. Christine Delahanty, and learn about the Bucks Engineering transfer major and AAS degree in Engineering Technology.

Bucks County Community College is a partner of the Robotics/Automation and Cybersecurity Knowledge Sharing Coordination Network (TRACKS-CN) grant & in 2011, the College received an Advanced Technology Education (ATE) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop the AAS degree program in collaboration with Drexel University. Bucks recently won another NSF ATE grant in 2019 to increase the number of workforce ready engineering technicians in the region. This is a collaboration between our Center for Workforce Development, our Business and Innovation Dept. and Drexel University. This degree is occupational with an option to transfer to a four-year program.

Robotics/Automation and Cybersecurity Knowledge Sharing Coordination Network

NSF Grant


Associate of Science (Transfer Program)
The academic major for the first two years of engineering is similar for all branches of the discipline. This major provides a foundation for all phases of engineering as well as for physics and prepares students to continue their education at a four-year institution.

Engineering AS

Engineering Technology

Associate of Applied Science (Occupational Program)
This program is designed to prepare students to seek immediate employment as technicians in the fields of instrumentation, electronics, communications, nanotechnology, and mechanical systems in the various engineering technology fields.

Engineering Technology AAS

Transfer Options

In addition to attending Universities that have articulation agreements, advising guides and/or dual enrollment, such as Temple University, Drexel University, and Penn State University, and University of the Sciences, students from Bucks were accepted into and most transferred to Colleges and Universities such as Villanova University, University of California at Berkley, Purdue University, Cornell University, Lehigh University, Widener University, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), University of Pennsylvania, New York University (NYU), Texas A&M University, Lafayette University, University of South Carolina, and Johns Hopkins University to name a few.

Center for Workforce Development

The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) partners with local manufacturing companies to offer pre-apprenticeship programs in Metalwork and Industrial Maintenance (electro-mechanical) Training. Earn industry-recognized credentials while training for a good-paying career in manufacturing. Certifications earned through CWD, such as Metalworking, and Industrial Maintenance can be transferred into our AAS 2193 Engineering Technology program for college credit.