New Student Advising

Welcome! Please follow these steps to begin your Bucks experience.

1. Placement Testing

First, new students must complete placement testing or have testing waived.

Placement Testing
Testing Waivers

2. Online Orientation

Next up, please complete this online orientation prior to attending your New Student Advising appointment.

Online Orientation

3. Schedule Advising Session

Once you have gained access to your Bucks account, please book a New Student Advising Session here.

New Student Advising Session

New & Returning Students

Schedule Advising

What kind of student are you?

  • Studio Arts

    Students in the following majors must contact Susan Cafiero directly to schedule advising: Cinema Video Production, Fine Arts, Fine Woodworking, Graphic Design, Music, Multimedia & Digital Arts, and Photography. (215) 968-8088

  • Culinary Arts

    Students pursuing a degree or certificate in the Culinary Arts should contact the coordinator of that program, Chef John Angeline, for advising. (215) 504-8541

  • Fire Science

    Students pursuing a degree or certificate in Fire Science should contact the director of that program, Rob Freese, for advising. (215) 968-8190

  • Historic Preservation

    Students pursuing a certificate in Historic Preservation should contact the coordinator of that program, Prof. Matthew Metcalf, for advising. (215) 968-8286

Advising Home

Academic advising is a service that all students are encouraged* to use in planning their course work. Advising will be conducted remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Advising is required to register for Fall & Spring Classes