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Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science in Brewing and Fermentation Science prepares students for employment within the brewing and/or fermentation industries.

Graduates of this program are able to

  • describe and apply the biochemistry and microbiology principles that convert fermentable sugars into beer;
  • communicate and work effectively with management, staff, and customers in a production brewing environment;
  • understand and apply the technological and manufacturing processes required for brewing, and perform cost analysis of processing raw materials into finished product in order to calculate profit margins;
  • maintain safe brewing and fermentation practices;
  • explain the legal requirements associated with the selling and distribution of beer;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the practical considerations that must be addressed to satisfy the requirements of regulatory agencies overseeing breweries, such as food safety, brew house safety, environmental compliance, and labeling; and
  • identify and solve problems related to microbial, chemical, and physical threats using appropriate tests, and determine origin, type, prevention, and elimination of standard off-flavors in contaminated samples.

Program Specifics & Requirements
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Teach me the Art & Science of Brewing

Notes: Students in this program of study must be at least 21 years of age prior to registering for BRFS201 and BRFS280 as these courses involve beer production. Interested students who will not be 21 years of age prior to registration for these courses should consider adding an additional complementary major (e.g. Business Administration, Biology, Chemistry, etc.).

Some Brewing & Fermentation Science coursework will require regular travel to local brewing facilities.

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