Obsolete Programs of Study

From time to time, the College finds it necessary to deactivate certain majors. When this occurs, the College makes every effort to notify the students who are currently enrolled in these majors.

Students enrolled in deactivated majors have three (3) academic years to complete degree requirements and graduate before the major becomes obsolete (This may shorten the 10-year degree completion deadline.) Students who do not graduate by the end of the allotted time, must change their major and follow the degree requirements that are in effect at the time.


Associate Degree Programs

AA.1005 Physics
AA.1007 Elementary Education
AA.1008 Secondary Education
AA.1010 Accounting
AA.1011 Marketing/Retail
AA.1020 Police Administration
AA.1021 Correctional Administration
AA.1023 HMRI Management
AA.1024 Applied Theatre Arts
AA.1027 Early Childhood Education
AA.1041 Labor Studies
AA.1042 Insurance
AA.1048 Business Education: Secretarial
AA.1049 Individual Studies
AA.1062 Theatre: Acting
AA.1063 Theatre Arts: Design
AA.1064 Music: Instrumental/Vocal
AA.1065 Music: Jazz
AA.1066 Music: Education
AA.1067 Liberal Arts: Psychology – Life Skills
AA.1096 Business: Management Education
AA.2012 Computer Technology
AA.2013 Electronics (2013)
AA.2014 Biological Lab Technician
AA.2018 Administrative Secretary: Shorthand Emphasis
AA.2025 Applied Theatre Arts
AA.2029 Legal Secretarial: Shorthand Emphasis
AA.2030 Medical Secretary: Shorthand Emphasis
AA.2032 Real Estate (2032)
AA.2033 Engineering Aide
AA.2036 Chemical Laboratory Technology
AA.2037 Police Administration
AA.2038 Correctional Administration
AA.2039 Individual Studies
AA.2040 Labor Studies
AA.2043 Insurance
AA.2044 Communications: Cinema (2044)
AA.2046 Communications: Video Production (2046)
AA.2047 Computer Information Processing (2047)
AA.2050 Metallurgical Tech
AA.2051 Broadcast Elect Tech
AA.2052 Computer Systems Technology (2052)
AA.2053 Human Services
AA.2055 Drafting
AA.2057 Model Building Technology
AA.2093 Administrative Secretary: Wordprocessing
AA.2094 Legal Secretary: Word-proocessing
AA.2095 Medical Secretary: Word-processing
AA.2097 Banking/Banking Management (2097)
AA.2100 HMRI - Hotel/Motel
AA.2106 Office Systems Technology (2106)
AA.2108 Office Administration (2108)
AA.2109 Dietetic Technician
AA.2115 Savings Institution Administration (2115)
AA.2116 Engineering Technology
AA.2119 Biotechnology - 2119
AA.2122 Electronic Imaging: Design (2122)
AA.2123 Electronic Imaging (2123)
AA.2125 Pc And End User Support (2125)
AA.2132 Communication: Cinema/Video (2132)
AA.2134 Computer Application Development (2134)
AA.2092 Fine Woodworking
AA.2111 Graphic Design
AA.2159 Environmental Science
AA.2026 Early Childhood Education
AA.1061 Elementary Education: Pre-K to 4
AA.1058 Liberal Arts: Humanities
AA.2167 Nanofabrication Technology
AA.2178 Emergency Management & Public Safety

Certificate Programs

CER.3152 3D Animation
CER.3070 Accounting
CER.3071 Business Data Processing Supervisor
CER.3072 Correctional Administration
CER.3074 Industrial Management
CER.3075 Insurance
CER.3156 Management
CER.3155 Supervision
CER.3114 Medical Transcription
CER.3076 Labor Studies
CER.3077 Office Supervision
CER.3078 Police Administration
CER.3079 Real Estate
CER.3080 Salesmanship
CER.3081 Small Business Operation
CER.3082 Stenography
CER.3083 Computer Programming
CER.3084 Drafting
CER.3085 Human Services
CER.3086 Computer Systems: Software Emphasis
CER.3087 Computer Systems: Hardware Emphasis
CER.3088 PC and End User Support
CER.3089 Office Skills
CER.3112 Word Processing
CER.3113 Stenography
CER.3118 Child Care Worker
CER.3126 Computer Aided Drafting
CER.3139 Advanced Entrepreneurship
CER.3135 Computer Application Development
CER.3137 Desktop Publishing
CER.3138 Entrepreneurship
CER.3139 Advanced Entrepreneurship
CER.3140 Webmaster
CER.3141 Microsoft Office
CER.3142 Retail Merchandising
CER.3151 Cinema/Video
CER.3153 Communication: Video Production
CER.3157 Broadcast and Print Journalism
CER.3163 Legal Office Assistant
CER.3165 E-Business
CER.3130 Computer Network Administration
CER.3161 Women's Studies
CER.3168 Nanofabrication
CER.3130 Computer Network Administrator
CER.3179 Emergency Management & Public Safety