Associate Degree Requirements

Each Associate Degree major is built upon the foundation of a common set of educational experiences. The goal of this core curriculum is to unify the educational experience of all students at the College by providing a shared blueprint for achieving the outcomes described in "A Definition of the Educated Person: A Touchstone for the Curriculum at Bucks County Community College " To that end, each major* contains the following core set of educational experiences:

Category I: Essential Skills and Perspectives

College Writing Level I 3 credits
Cultural Perspectives 3 credits
Social Perspectives 3 credits
College Level Mathematics or Science 3 credits
Personal Health 2 credits
Creative Expression 2 credits

Category II: Extended Skills and Perspectives

College Writing Level II 3 credits
Integration of Knowledge 3 credits
Total 22 credits

Writing Intensive Course

Each major will include at least one 3 credit course (other than English Composition) in which the student produces written work totalling at least 2500 words, and in which at least fifty percent of the final grade is based upon the written work.

Category III: Specialized Skills

Specialized Skills and Perspectives

  • Critical thinking/problem solving
  • Information literacy
  • International, gender, and/or minority perspectives
  • Collaboration
  • Oral presentation
  • Responsible citizenship

Each of the above is included within at least one of the required courses of each major. The specific way that these experiences are included is documented in the Major Master Plan, which communicates the overall design and objectives of the program to the public, the student, and the College community. The Major Master Plan is on file in the Academic Department Offices and in the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs.

* Certain modifications may be approved in a few occupational majors. (See Category 1 and Category 2)