Enrollment Options & Degree Requirements

All students, upon application for admission to the College, must indicate a major and their intention to seek or not to seek the associate degree. By written notification to the Admissions Office, students may, at any time, change their major or change their status from degree-seeking to non-degree-seeking or vice versa, recognizing that change may require taking more credits or spending more time to fulfill different requirements.

The College’s official transcript lists in detail all courses, grades and credits. In addition, it distinguishes among these options:

OptionRequirementsReflection on Transcript
Award of Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Music, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science . See Catalog section on Degree Requirements Occupational or Transfer major specified. Satisfaction of both degree and major requirements recorded.
Completion of Major Requirements only. Varies from major to major. See footnote under the major. Major specified. Satisfaction of only major requirements recorded. No degree awarded.
Award of a Certificate of completion. See Catalog section on Degree Requirements Certificate program specified. Satisfaction of certificate requirement recorded. Award of certificate recorded.
Completion of one or more courses. Course requirements only. Major specified.