Attention PHEAA Grant Applicants or Recipients

To be eligible to receive PHEAA Grant awards, students must be enrolled in majors at least two years in length. If a student is awarded a PHEAA Grant, and chooses a Certificate Program as a major, he or she will not be eligible to receive PHEAA Grant awards. (Certificate Programs are less than two years in length.)

PHEAA requires the College to certify that PHEAA Grant recipients meet all state eligibility criteria each semester. A student's major, as listed by the Office of Admissions and Records, is used to determine compliance with the state eligibility regulations.

If a PHEAA Grant is cancelled because the College reported the student's enrollment in a Certificate Program, and the student decides to change his or her major to a two-year program, the student must appeal directly to PHEAA regarding a request for reinstatement of the grant.