Degree Requirements

Students newly admitted to the College for classes beginning in a fall semester must meet the degree requirements for the associate degree that are effective for the academic year (beginning of fall semester through the end of summer sessions). These requirements also apply to all students who change their major after the start of the fall semester.

All students admitted before the fall semester have the option of completing the associate degree and major requirements that are effective for the new academic year.

Students who enter their major during the current academic year, and who do not change their major or elect to follow a subsequent catalog, have a maximum of 10 years to complete the degree requirements in effect for this academic year. Students who do not complete these requirements by August, 2025, must follow the degree requirements effective for the 2025 - 2026 academic year.*

Students who entered their major prior to the start of the 2000 fall semester, had until the end of the summer session, 2010 to complete degree requirements effective on the date they entered their major. Students who did not complete degree requirements by this time (August, 2010) must follow the degree requirements in effect for the 2013 academic year.*

Students who entered their major between the 2000 through 2006 academic years also have 10 years to complete their degree requirements, before those requirements are retired. For a chart detailing academic years and degree completion deadlines, please click here.

*Please see the section on Deactivated Majors.

Revisions in Major

If revisions occur in a major, the College follows the principle that students will not be required to spend more time taking additional credits to complete the revised major or be hindered in their normal progress toward the completion of the major in which they are already enrolled.

Students changing their major to one with revised requirements must meet the new requirements in effect at the time of their entry into that major, regardless of the date of their admission to the College.

Students already enrolled in a major in which revisions occur may elect to follow the revised major. In this case, students assume the responsibility if they must spend more time taking additional credits to complete their requirements.

Deactivated Majors

From time to time, the College finds it necessary to deactivate certain majors. When this occurs, the College makes every effort to notify the students who are currently enrolled in these majors.

Students enrolled in deactivated majors have three (3) academic years to complete degree requirements and graduate before the major becomes obsolete (This may shorten the 10-year degree completion deadline.) Students who do not graduate by the end of the allotted time, must change their major and follow the degree requirements that are in effect at the time.