Student Accounts

Tuition, Billing, and Payment

Welcome to the Student Accounts Office at Bucks County Community College. The office is pleased to provide billing and account information and general payment guidelines. Our objective is to provide our students with information in a courteous and timely manner. This information will help avoid confusion and penalties.

To look up your payment status, log in to MyBucks and click on Student Self Service.

Remember that due to federal guidelines, without written permission from the student, we can only discuss account particulars with the student.

Billing and Policies Information

Bucks County Community College is no longer mailing Student Account Statements. Please go to Student Self Service Finance to view your bill electronically.

  • In order to be in good standing with the College, you must have a zero balance by the published deadlines. Failure to receive a statement will not be accepted as a reason for missing the payment deadline.
  • You will not be able to register for the next semester or have any transcripts sent anywhere until your balance is zero. It is important to note that by registering for classes you, the student agrees to pay tuition and fees by the published date. Failure to pay the balance due by the published deadlines may result in you being dropped from all currently registered classes.
  • Written notice must be submitted to the Admissions Office by the published deadline to cancel registration and have charges removed or reduced. Non-attendance alone does not relieve your obligations.
  • If any financial aid or scholarships you receive does not cover the entire amount, you must pay the remaining balance. In the event that you lose some or all of your financial support, you are still responsible for the full amount due-even if you decide not to attend classes anymore.
  • Accounts that are not paid in full by the posted due dates may be forwarded to a collection agency.