Evaluation of Transfer Credits

To have credits from prior colleges and universities evaluated, students must provide an official transcript to the Office of Admissions. Please note that the official transcript must be sent directly from the issuing institution. Students must indicate "Evaluation" on the college application or submit a Waiver or Evaluation Form or via login.

Unofficial and/or "student copy" transcripts will not be accepted for credit transfer; however, they can be reviewed for possible assessment testing waivers and/or prerequisite course waivers. Please refer to the Placement Testing page for acceptable exemptions from placement testing.

Upon receipt of a Transcript Evaluation Request, Bucks County Community College will evaluate parallel work completed at accredited post-secondary institutions for potential transfer credit.

  • Students seeking transfer credit should first submit an Application for Admission to the College.
  • Next, students must request that an official copy of their transcript(s) be sent from their previous institution(s) to Bucks Office of Admissions.

General Policies related to transfer credits and transcript evaluations:

  • A student can obtain no more than 30 transfer credits from all outside sources (including AP Course Credit and Prior Learning Assessment) for Associate programs.
  • A student can obtain no more than half the number of credits required for a given certificate.
  • Only grades of "C" or better will be considered for potential transfer credit.
  • Courses are considered for transfer credit as they relate to the student's program of study.
  • Course descriptions are reviewed for course content and in determining equivalency.  At times, syllabi and additional consultation with the area academic dean and other support documentation may be necessary.
  • If a student changes his/her major, a new evaluation request must be submitted as above.
  • Developmental coursework will not be accepted as transfer credits.
  • Proficiency courses (those which produce "pass" or "satisfactory" grades) will not be accepted as transfer credits.
  • Courses taken at some institutions without regional accreditation may not be accepted for transfer credit through traditional means.  Schools that are vocational or technical in nature without regional accreditation are reviewed through the Office of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for potential life experience credit.
  • Credentials earned outside the United States require external evaluation before submitting to Bucks for review and potential transfer.
  • Military credentials are reviewed by PLA.
  • Coursework previously determined for equivalencies can be viewed at the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center or CollegeTransfer.Net, but all coursework presented will be considered based on the above criteria.
  • The Office of Admissions is responsible for consideration of incoming transfer credit.  Concerns or questions regarding coursework not transferred will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions and appropriate academic officers.

For more information about transferring to Bucks County Community College, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Transfer Students page.

For details regarding transferring out of Bucks to another institution, please review the Transfer Services webpage, or call 215.968.8031 to make an appointment with a transfer counselor.