Admissions Policy

Any person may apply for admission to Bucks County Community College. Admission is generally granted to graduates of accredited secondary schools, to recipients of a high school equivalency diploma, and to others who, in the judgment of the college, are likely to benefit from a collegiate experience. Admission to some programs of study is limited by available facilities, the number of faculty, county of residence, or other factors. The college may guide the enrollment of entering students in an effort to improve their opportunity to succeed in college.

Enrollment to the college for the fall and spring semesters is contingent upon completion of the college's placement testing program for new students. Students who have earned postsecondary credentials from a United States institution may be eligible for testing waivers.

For students who are seeking to transfer college credits to Bucks, the following general policies apply:

  • A student can obtain no more than 30 transfer credits from all outside sources, including Advanced Placement and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), for Associate programs.
  • A student can obtain no more than half the number of credits required for a given certificate. 
  • Only grades of "C" or better will be considered for potential transfer credit.
  • Courses are considered for transfer credit as they relate to the student's program of study.
  • If a student changes his/her major, a new evaluation request must be submitted as above.
  • Developmental coursework will not be accepted for transfer credit. 
  • Proficiency courses (those which produce "pass" or "satisfactory" grades) will not be accepted for transfer credit. 
  • Courses taken at some institutions without regional accreditation may not be accepted for transfer credit through traditional means but may be reviewed through the Office of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).
  • Credentials earned outside the United States require external evaluation before submitting to Bucks for review and potential transfer.
  • Military transcripts are evaluated for potential transferability through PLA.