Veterans Services

The Certifying Official for veterans' education benefits under the GI Bill® is within the Office of Admissions.  Each semester, veteran-students must submit the required documents to the Certifying Official in order to receive their available benefits.

To register for benefits:

  1. Apply to the Veterans Administration for approval using the online application found at
  2. Consult the VA for determining which benefit is best for you.
  3. Register for classes and complete the Veterans Certification form and submit this to the Admissions Office. This form is required each semester for which you register.

Tuition Deferments are available for all veterans receiving benefits under the various chapters of the GI Bill® and who have no outstanding financial obligation to the College. The deferment is effective until the end of the semester; however you are responsible for tuition and fees, if you are denied benefits.  Complete information is available on the Veterans Benefits website.

The GIBill® is a registered trademark of the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).  More information about education beneftis offered by VA is available at the official US government website at

The "Stars & Stripes" Lounge, located in the Rollins Center, provides a welcoming space for our veterans to study, relax, or network. View the Veteran Resources page for more information.