Academic Advising and Counseling

Academic Advising

Advising is a process by which students work with faculty advisors to discuss appropriate course selections and future educational plans. Discussion may include:

  • progress toward degree completion,
  • understanding the college's curriculum & policies,
  • academic success strategies,
  • career objectives and transfer assistance.

Students following a specific major or degree program are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from faculty in the academic department in which their major is housed.


Counseling is a process whereby students develop skills with goal-setting and decision-making. Counseling assists students to meet the challenges associated with their higher education endeavors. Student Planning Counselors assist students with:

  • career and major exploration
  • coping with stress and personal problems
  • degree completion and transfer planning
  • job search strategies,
  • understanding college policy and procedures,
  • setting goals,
  • developing skills for making decisions,
  • responding effectively when personal issues--such as family crises or depression-- interfere with academics.

While Bucks County Community College counselors do not provide longterm mental health therapy and do not replace outside help when indicated, they are an element in providing student support and ensuring student success.