Resolution of Student Concerns

As a comprehensive educational community, Bucks promotes an active and challenging learning environment. Varying viewpoints and differences of opinion in such an environment are natural and expected. Students enjoy a host of rights and responsibilities in addressing issues and concerns.

Student concerns are generally best resolved at the level at which the concern developed. Communication is the key to resolution. Students are encouraged to indicate concerns with specific matters to the office/ area or individual most directly involved or responsible. A variety of mechanisms exist to assist students in processing such concerns. Faculty members, administrators, and College staff are receptive to discussion and welcome interaction with students. The Vice President of Student Affairs serves as an ombudsman for students and can assist in directing students to the most appropriate area or person to resolve concerns. Counseling services, academic deans, and area administrators can also provide assistance.

Students are encouraged to address concerns in an appropriate and timely manner and to utilize the resources noted above to assist in this process.


  1. Students should discuss their concerns/issues with faculty, or at point of origin.
  2. If the issue is not resolved, student should consult with the appropriate academic dean or department head.
  3. If the issue is still unresolved, the student should consult with the Provost for Academic Affairs or the appropriate vice president for non-academic areas.
  4. If a student thinks he/she is not getting a fair hearing or feels the need for an ombudsman, the student should contact the Vice President of Student Affairs.