Student Body Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Rallies, Free Speech, and Communication

  1. The College affirms the right of its students to hold rallies, speeches, and demonstrations after students observe the routine procedures designated by orderly scheduling of facilities and activities. In order to permit the normal and uninterrupted use of buildings, picketing shall be confined to out-of-doors in such a manner as to permit normal and orderly egress and ingress.
  2. The placing of signs, posters, and banners shall be in conformity with the regulations set forth in this Catalog.


  1. Freedom of expression in the classroom.
  2. Protection against improper academic evaluation.
  3. Protection against improper disclosure on the basis of class- room expressions.
  4. Confidentiality of student records.
  5. Freedom of association.
  6. Freedom of inquiry and expression in student organizations.
  7. Freedom of responsible expression in student publications.
  8. Freedom to exercise citizenship rights.
  9. Guarantee of due process in disciplinary proceedings.


  1. Compliance with and support of duly constituted civil authority.
  2. Respect for the rights of others and cooperation to ensure that such rights are guaranteed.
  3. Cooperation to ensure that the will of the majority is implemented after due consideration has been given to contrary points of view.
  4. The exercise of dissent in an orderly manner and within a framework compatible with the orderly resolution of differences.
  5. Active support of College regulations established through the joint efforts of students and faculty leaders.