Graphic Design and Illustration

Software required to complete assignments can be expensive. Students may plan extra time to use campus computing labs to complete course projects.

Layout and Basic Typography


Using manual methods for layout and design, together with current software applications, students explore the relationship between text and image, as well as the design and impact of typography. Students analyze a variety of published materials and complete a series of introductory graphic design projects.

3 credits
Prerequisite: VAMM100 (C or better)
Corequisite: None

Illustration - Drawing and Digital


This course introduces drawing strategies, concepts, and specialized illustration techniques used by designers and illustrators. Students create illustrations in both traditional and digital formats. Emphasis is on realistic modeling approaches and rendering skills, as well as expressive and historical perspectives that an illustrator-designer must have.

3 credits
Prerequisite: VAMM100 (C or better) and VAFA100 (C or better) or the permission of the Department of the Arts
Corequisite: None

Graphic Design History


This graphic design survey course covers visual communication since the Middle Ages, focusing on the period from the Arts & Crafts Movement through Postmodernism. Students gain a formal understanding, and they interpret selected examples using a variety of analytic methodologies, including cultural, religious, social, political, and/or economic context.

3 credits
Prerequisite: Writing Placement Test score of 6 or better or COMP107 (C or better)
Corequisite: None

Graphic Design


Working from concept to finished artwork, students develop methods and strategies for producing effective graphic design solutions. Formal and practical design concepts, skills, and essential digital applications are covered. Presentation of visual ideas, design principles, typography, prepress and commercial printing technology, and advanced graphic design processes are explored.

3 credits
Prerequisite: VAMM100 (C or better) and VAGD101 (C or better)

Cooperative Education - Graphic Design


On-the-job experience occurs in a field directly related to the student's academic preparation and career objectives. Periodic meetings between the College faculty coordinator and the student are held to ensure the student is making adequate progress. Students maintain a work journal and complete a final report summarizing the learning experience.

3 credits
Prerequisite: 30 BCCC credits in a studio art major and a minimum GPA of 2.5, or permission of the Department of the Arts
Corequisite: None