Studio art supplies can be expensive. Lab fees may be required. Additional lab hours outside of class will be necessary for students to complete the requirements of a studio course.

Introduction to Sculpture


This course introduces basic sculpture techniques, such as carving, casting, modeling, and welding, with emphasis on understanding issues of line, plane, shape, and volume. Plaster, metal, clay, and wood are utilized to help the student understand the form and content of sculpture. Historical sculpture topics supplement this course.

3 credits
Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: None

Sculpture II


Students develop an understanding of the aesthetics and vocabulary of sculpture by expressing their personal vision. They explore and determine the visual content of their work and increase their knowledge of sculpture history. Works are created through casting, fabricating, using mixed media, and/or may be developed for a specific site.

3 credits
Prerequisite: VAFA141 (C or better)
Corequisite: None



This advanced course emphasizes foundry practices. Initial work is done in foundry wax or Styrofoam. Topics covered are procedures in ceramic shell or investment and burnout of wax preparatory to casting in metal. Basic foundry procedures are followed and studied. Finish and treatment of metal castings are also explored.

3 credits
Prerequisite: VAFA141 (C or better) or VAFA105 (C or better)
Corequisite: None