Pathways to Document Learning - Assessment Methods

How to Document Your Learning for Credit

Bucks recognizes the three primary assessment methods by which you can document your college-level learning – Challenge by Exam (CBE), Evaluation of Non-Collegiate Instruction (resulting in Credit Recommendations and Articulation Agreements), and Individual Assessment (by portfolio).

  1. Challenge by Exam (CBE)

    Many Bucks courses may be challenged by taking a standardized exam (CLEP or DSST) or a departmental challenge exam (CREX).

  2. Evaluation of Non-Collegiate Instruction

    Credit Recommendations and Articulation Agreements provide opportunities to pursue equivalent credit for specific Bucks courses. Examples include high school Tech-Prep programs; Bucks noncredit Continuing Education programs; and professional credential training programs such as the Childhood Development Associate (CDA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Police Officer (ACT120 Police Academy).

  3. Individual Assessment by Portfolio

    Be sure to obtain authorization from the PLA Office prior to beginning a portfolio to challenge a particular Bucks course.

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