1. Students should examine the list of required courses for their Program of Study to create their PLA Plan.
  2. Students should complete and submit a PLA Application to communicate their PLA Plan.
  3. Official documentation is required before equivalent credit based on PLA can be applied to a transcript.
  4. There is a fee charged for most assessment methods; payable in advance and non-refundable whether or not credit is awarded.
  5. Equivalent credit will be granted only for courses that are in the student’s Program of Study or are needed as a prerequisite for higher level course work.
  6. No letter grade is awarded for equivalent credit granted through PLA.
  7. Equivalent credit awarded through PLA is indicated as CL, CX, or LE on the Bucks transcript where the letter grade would be.
  8. Equivalent credit awarded through PLA may not be transferable. Students must take full responsibility for any transfer planning and should look into this matter directly with the transfer school(s) concerned.
  9. The College Graduation Residency Policy requires that a minimum of 30 credits toward the associate degree or 50% of the credits required for a certificate must be earned in graded classes at Bucks.
  10. Students should obtain academic advising from the Academic Department of their Major/Program of Study before adding or dropping classes in the hope of receiving equivalent credit through PLA.

Advising and Transfer Center - Rollins Center, 1st floor
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