Choosing Courses

Course Scheduling

Courses are offered at a variety of campus locations, times, days and modalities.  Students may need to schedule courses during other than morning hours. The large number of students, a limited number of classroom and other instructional spaces, parking, and food service capacities combine to make it impossible for all students to attend the College during the popular morning hours. Courses, therefore, are also scheduled during afternoon and evening hours and on Saturdays, and are open to all students. In addition, courses are offered through on line Learning.

Course Selection

The ultimate responsibility for course selection rests with the student. The Advisor’s function is to help the student identify degree/course requirements, alternatives and to evaluate options.

The Web Advisor Search and Register feature is the most convenient way for students to find available courses at times and locations convenient to them.


A prerequisite is a course condition or requirement which must be met before enrolling in a course. Students are not permitted to enroll in a course without first satisfying the prerequisite. Courses requiring prerequisites are so noted in the College Catalog and course schedules. Requests for the waiver of prerequisites are considered by Assistant Academic Deans.


A corequisite is a course which is required to be taken simultaneously with another. For example: Preparatory Chemistry (CHEM100) must be taken in conjunction with College Algebra (MATH120).

Course Syllabus

A copy of the syllabus for each course offered by the College is available for reference by students in Department offices, the Office of the Provost/ Dean, Academic Affairs, the Library and online.

Course Format

Every instructor is required to distribute a course format to students in a class. The course format contains information on the teaching methods to be employed in the class, student evaluation criteria and devices, required instructional materials, and other information pertinent to the organization and conduct of the class.

Student Schedules

A student's schedules is available online (via WebAdvisor) or may be requested through the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration.

Identification Cards

Identification Cards are required for all full-time and part-time students. Cards are issued by the Library and will be used for library and equipment check-out, as well as for admission to College activities. Loss of the I.D. Card should be reported immediately to the Library. There will be a replacement fee charged to reissue an I.D. Card.