How to Make Changes after Registration

Changes of Curriculum

Students who wish to change their major can do so using the online form. For questions about changing your major, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 215-968-8100 or email

Drop and Add

Each semester begins with a period when courses may be added or dropped with no grade being recorded. Students must complete and submit the required forms or use their online WebAdvisor student account to have any drop/add changes officially recorded. Dates for this drop/add period (and related refund percentages) are published in each semester calendar.

Once the drop/add period ends for a semester, no further adds or late registration is permitted. Students may still withdraw from courses (with a grade of "W" recorded and no refund) until the date specified in the semester calendar. Any request to change to or from "audit" status must be submitted by the end of the drop/add period.

A course that begins later than the first week of a semester is known as a modular course. A modular course may be added no later than one day after its start date. Full refund for a modular course ends the business day before the course begins. Refund tiers for modular courses may be found on the Tuition Refund Policy page.

The drop/add period is intended to aid students in adjusting their schedules or courses due to unforeseen circumstances or academic considerations. Students are responsible for promptly completing missed assignments if they enter a course after it has begun.


Instructor-Initiated. An instructor may withdraw students from courses for lack of attendance until the deadline for mid-term grades. Students will be notified by the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration when a instructor has withdrawn them from class(es). Students may appeal the withdrawal to the Committee on Academic Performance if they believe the instructor-initiated withdrawal is unjustified.

Student-Initiated. From the second week of classes (or its equivalent in summer sessions) until the deadline for student-initiated withdrawal (see the College calendar at for specific dates), students may withdraw from a course with a grade of W recorded on the transcript. The course instructor's signature is not required. No courses may be added. A grade of F will be given for withdrawals made after the deadline.

Failure to attend class is not an official withdrawal. Students who discontinue class attendance and who do not complete the official withdrawal procedures may receive a grade of F.

Students may withdraw from a course(s) by completing a withdrawal form in the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration. Students who are unable to withdraw from class(es) in person may do so by sending written notice, by letter, fax, or appropriate form, to the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration. The withdrawal becomes effective the day that the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration receives written notice. It must be received before the deadline which is stated in the College calendar.

Withdrawal after the Deadline. Any student who needs to withdraw from class after the withdrawal deadline, as listed in the College  Calendar, must provide evidence of the circumstances which require the late withdrawal. The student must file a petition for withdrawal with the Committee on Academic Performance. Petition forms are available in the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration,  the Director’s offices at the Lower and Upper Bucks Campuses, and in the Office of the Evening Director. If the appeal is denied by the Committee, the student may not withdraw from class. If the appeal is upheld and the instructor agrees with the Committee's decision, the grade will be changed to a withdrawal.

No appeal for a change of a grade to W will be considered after three years have elapsed since the end of the semester or session in which the grade was received.

Students completely withdrawing from the College must secure a clearance from the Financial Aid Office prior to submitting a withdrawal form.