Campus Profile

The Upper Bucks Campus of Bucks County Community College, located nearly 30 miles from the Newtown campus, was opened in 1999 after the purchase of a well-appointed 33,000 square foot former headquarters for Core States Bank.  This decision to become a multi-campus college further advanced the college’s mission of  “providing the County's diverse population of learners with comprehensive educational, training, and cultural opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and convenient, and that will equip them to be successful and effective in their work and as citizens of the world”.  

After opening its doors, with nearly 100 students, the initial renovations provided space for a small campus in the northern part of Bucks County. Within a few years, the Upper Bucks Campus enrollment grew so quickly that it was recognized nationally by Community College Week as the fastest growing campus in the country.  This, combined with the College’s mission, accelerated the need for expansion of the Upper Bucks Campus to meet the students’ academic, co-curricular, and student service needs. 

With the addition of the 28,000 square foot expansion, and renovation of nearly 6,000 square feet of the existing campus building, the Campus now boasts 19 lecture/seminar rooms, five state-of-the-art computer labs, a library, a library learning studio, an allied health lab, a multipurpose science lab, several small conference rooms, a student café , a student commons, faculty and advising offices and a “one of a kind” community outdoor amphitheatre.

Students are able to take classes in all associate degree programs.  More specifically, they are able to complete all requirements leading to a degree in Business Administration, Communication Studies, Education, and Liberal Arts programs.  Selected certificates, Career/technical programs, the Licensed Practical Nursing program, and customized employee training programs for business and industry are now available to the local community as well. 

In addition to these academic programs, students participate in a vibrant student life and have all their student services needs met. The Upper Bucks Campus now provides a complete student life cycle, offering new student orientation and academic advising to program completion.

In Fall 2008, President James Linksz convened a Sustainability Working Group.  This group provides a forum to share ideas regarding sustainability efforts at the college, identification of needed changes and goals, and make recommendations and propose policies.  The new expansion was designed to be LEED certified by incorporating sustainable resources such as the geothermal mechanical system, a vegetative covered roof, and a low-E insulated glazing system.  Sustainability principles are attained when the rate of consumption of resources is equal to or less than the rate of time necessary to replenish that resource.

The campus, particularly with the new addition, has been embraced by the community and local businesses. The Executive Director of the Pennridge Chamber of Commerce, Betty Graver shares “The Upper Bucks County community is so proud to have a facility that embraces our culture and enhances our lives as the Bucks County Community College has done.  It has brought a resource for success to the business community that was missing in Upper Bucks!” 

Phase II Building Sponsored By Local Businesses

Every room in the Phase II building has been sponsored by a local business.  These educational sponsorships have demonstrated the support the community has for the campus.  On a daily basis, members of the community, local organizations and area businesses are finding ways in which we can partner to better the Upper Bucks Community.

  • 19 General Classrooms  
  • 5 Computer Labs
  • Faculty Office Library
  • Library Learning studio
  • Student Commons
  • Allied Health Room
  • Allied Health Lab
  • Multipurpose Science Lab
  • Science office
  • Tutoring Center
  • Teleconference
  • Conference Rooms
  • Outdoor Amphitheatre


One Hillendale Road · Perkasie, PA · 215-258-7700