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Computer Science Area and IT Academy

The Computer Science Area at Bucks offers Associate of Science transfer degree programs in Computer Science and Information Science. Occupational programs include Associate of Applied Science degrees in Networking Technology and Information Technology Studies, and certificate programs in Computer Hardware Installation & Maintenance, and Computer Networking Technology.

The IT Academy at Bucks County Community College offers non-credit, affordable training for advanced technology certification programs, as well as other computer classes, with knowledgeable instructors that bring real world experience into the classroom.

Contact Information

Questions? Email us at (credit courses) or (non-credit courses)

Locations: Founders Hall 113 (credit) and Gateway 118 (non-credit)

Phone Numbers: (215) 968-8305 (credit) and (215) 968-8132 (non-credit)


Bucks County Community College offers associate degrees, certificates (college credit), continuing education certifications and courses that also prepare you for industry certification exams in a wide array of career programs.

Below the programs are grouped by credential.  All link to more information.

Associate Degrees

Occupational Majors

Our occupational Associate of Applied Science degree programs prepare students for entry-level positions within their chosen career area.  Courses within these programs also help students prepare to take industry certification exams.  Learn more.

Computer Networking Technology**

Information Technology Studies

Transfer Majors

Our Associate of Science transfer degree programs are designed to parallel the first two years of study at four-year colleges and universities.  These majors prepare students for upper-division course work leading to a bachelor's degree at a four-year institution.  Learn more.

Computer Science

Information Science

Certificate Programs (Credit)

A certificate of completion is awarded to a student who successfully completes a prescribed program.  Credits earned in a certificate program may be applied toward an associate degree.  Courses within these programs also help students prepare to take industry certification exams.

Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance

Computer Networking Technology**

Web Design and Multimedia*

Certificate Programs & Test Prep (Non-Credit)






PC Repair & Networking

Database Technologies

Continuing Education (Non-Credit)

Computer Graphics

Software Applications

Web Development and Design*


*   Offered as a credit course or program, and as a non-credit course or program.

** Offered for credit as an Occupational Major for an Associate Degree and as a Certificate Program for college credit.