Computer Science Options

Bucks County Community College offers associate degrees, certificates (college credit), continuing education certifications and courses that also prepare you for industry certification exams in a wide array of career programs.

Below the programs are grouped by credential.  All link to more information.

Associate Degrees

Occupational Majors

Our occupational degree programs prepare students for entry-level positions within their chosen career area.  Courses within these programs also help students prepare to take industry certification exams.  Learn more.

Computer Networking Technology**

Information Technology Studies

Office Administration & Systems Technology

Transfer Majors

Our transfer degree programs are designed to parallel the first two years of study at four-year colleges and universities.  These majors prepare students for upper-division course work leading to a bachelor's degree at a four-year institution.  Learn more.

Computer Science

Information Science and Technology

Certificate Programs (Credit)

A certificate of completion is awarded to a student who successfully completes a prescribed program.  Credits earned in a certificate program may be applied toward an associate degree.  Courses within these programs also help students prepare to take industry certification exams.

Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance

Computer Networking Technology**

Web Design and Multimedia*

Certificate Programs & Test Prep (Non-Credit)






PC Repair & Networking

Database Technologies

Continuing Education (Non-Credit)

Computer Graphics

Software Applications

Web Development and Design*

Contact Information

Questions? Email us at (credit courses) or (non-credit courses)

Locations: Founders Hall 113 (credit) and Gateway 118 (non-credit)

Phone Numbers: (215) 968-8305 (credit) and (215) 968-8132 (non-credit)


*   Offered as a credit course or program, and as a non-credit course or program.

** Offered for credit as an Occupational Major for an Associate Degree and as a Certificate Program for college credit.

The Computer Science Area at Bucks offers Associate of Arts transfer degree programs in Computer Science and Information Science & Technology. Occupational programs include A.A. degrees in Networking Technology and Digital Game & Simulation Design, an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Technology Studies, and certificate programs in Computer Forensics, Computer Hardware Installation & Maintenance, and Computer Networking Technology.

Questions? Email us at


OFFICE PHONE NUMBER: (215) 968-8305