Department of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Begin your medical, scientific or technological career with a superb Bucks education. The Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at Bucks offers degree and certificate programs in the hottest fields, including Computer Science, Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, and Neuroscience. With top faculty, facilities and small classes, Bucks has it all.

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Location: FOUNDERS 113

Phone Number: (215) 968-8305

Science Learning Center

New Course: Fast Track Mathematics - Enrolling Now

The Fast Track mathematics program (MATH089) is designed for those students who feel the placement test results do not reflect their true mathematical ability and knowledge, and for those students who would like to refresh and strengthen their mathematical skills. Participation in this program could potentially allow you to complete your course of studies in mathematics in less time. Please contact the STEM office for information.