Psychology Programs of Study

Psychology is a fascinating field because it is part of your everyday life.  From your conception until your death, you are influenced by your genetic make-up, the early influences of your parents and family, your teachers, your culture, and events in your life.  Psychology studies how you develop as an individual and it will help you to understand yourself and other people, your relationships, your community, and the world.

At Bucks County Community College, we offer two Psychology Programs of Study, both of which transfer very well to most four year institutions. The Pre-Professional Emphasis is designed for students who intend to transfer into a four year bachelor’s degree in psychology and who plan to attend graduate school (master’s or doctoral level) to pursue a professional career in psychology.

The Interpersonal Emphasis is for students who are interested in psychology, but may not yet know if they definitely want to attend graduate school.  This major emphasizes the importance of empathy (understanding how others feel), relationships, and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Students who select this major may still pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology and attend graduate school in the field of psychology as long as they select pre-professional courses (i.e. PSYC215 and PSYC270) for their psychology electives.  This major allows students, who are undecided in their career choice, flexibility to complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology or other fields such as human or social services, business, recreation, law, and health care.

According to The College Majors Handbook, some of the top occupations that employ those with a bachelor's psychology degree are:

  • Top- and mid-level management and administration
  • Sales
  • Social work
  • Other management occupations
  • Labor-relations, personnel and training
  • Administrative positions
  • Real estate, business services and insurance
  • Marketing