Introduction to SQL - T-SQL Fundamentals

This course is designed to introduce the student to the concepts involved in designing and using a database management system. Topics to be considered in the course will include discussion of various types of database structures, manipulations of a database structure through applications, query techniques, and an investigation into a database SQL language. The SQL language, querying and modifying data, indexing, optimization of data, joins and user defined functions (UDF) will be explored.

You will be introduced to the concepts involved in designing and using a database management system. Learn key concepts – the basics structures of relational databases, how to read and write simple and complex SQL statements, and advanced data manipulation techniques.

Topics covered:

Week 1-2

• Course Overview
• A Brief History of SQL
• SQL and Database Management
• Relational Databases
• Compare MS Access and SQL Server
• Overview of Structured Query Language (SQL) / T-SQL
• Overview Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database
• Lab I - Install and configure Microsoft SQL Server 2008
• SQL Basics
• Retrieving Data – Simple Queries
• Lab II – Simple Queries (SELECT, DISTINCT, WHERE, etc…)

Week 3-4

• Multi-Table Queries – JOINS
• Summary Queries
• Sub-queries and Query Expressions
• Lab III – Retrieving Data
• Data Manipulation Language (DML)
o Adding Data to the Database (INSERT)
o Deleting Data from the Database (DELETE)
o Modifying Data in the Database (UPDATE)
• Lab IV – Data Manipulation Language

Week 5-6

 • Data Integrity
• Entity Integrity
• Referential Integrity
• Advanced Constraints
• Business Rules
• Lab V – Integrity Management
• Transaction Management
• Transaction and Multi-user processing
• Locking
• Lab VI – Transaction Management

 Week 7-8

• Creating Database – Microsoft SQL Server
• Data Definition Language (DDL)
• Lab VII – Data Definition Language
• Views
• SQL Security concepts
• Views and SQL Security (GRANT / REVOKE)
• Lab VIII – Views and SQL Security

Week 9-10

• Data Control Language (DCL)
• User Defined Functions – UDF
• Lab IX – DCL and Managing other database objects
• System Catalog
• Table / Column / View Information
• Relationship / User / Privileges Information
• Other catalog information
• Lab X – System catalog

Week 11-12

• Dynamic SQL
o Limitations of Static SQL
o Dynamic SQL Concepts
• SQL Today
o Database processing and Stored procedures
o SQL and Data Warehousing
o SQL Networking and Distributed Databases
o SQL and Objects
• SQL Future
• Microsoft Transact SQL specifics and next steps
• Course Review - Open Discussion

Course Information

Course Code: WITAC 2500
Hours: 48
Tuition $795

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Text: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Fundamentals, ISBN # 978-0-7356-58141

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