Admission Procedures

Students must turn 18 years of age within 6 months of the starting date of the Program.

As of 2015, all students wishing to sit for the ARRT certification exam must document a completed Associate at a minimum.

The Bucks County Community College Radiography Program offers several options to meet that requirement.

  1. No completed degree- Register for #2068 Occupational Studies and complete 30 credits prior to applying. Courses to be completed with a “C” or better are :

The following coursework must be completed for those pursuing the Occupational Studies degree

  • CISC110 - Intro to Info Systems
  • COMM110 - Effective Speaking
  • COMP110 - English Composition I
  • COMP111 - English Composition II
  • MGMT100 - Intro to Business
  • MATH120 - College Algebra
  • PSYC110 - Intro to Psychology
  • INTG285 - Integration of Knowledge
  • BIOL181 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I or CHEM101 - Chemistry A
  • Personal Health
  • Cultural Perspectives

Please note a completed degree will be considered the minimal requirement for most Radiography programs- pre-Allied Health is recommended.

** Fulfilling the minimal requirements does not guarantee acceptance to a program. Most programs are very competitive with limited seating available.


2. If you have already completed a degree, simply follow the application directions on our program webpage

We welcome 2+2 students. Applicants accepted into the Radiologic Technology Program who are currently enrolled in the colleges listed are eligible to complete the Bucks County Community College  Program and earn a bachelor's degree from the educational institutions listed upon graduation.

Degree Articulations include:

 **Tuition for degree completion paid directly to the university conferring the degree

 There are a variety of online degree avenues that can be taken simultaneously while enrolled in the program.** Students wishing to pursue either an Associate or Bachelors degree while enrolled in the Radiography program, please see the degree articulation pathway listed or call the program 267-685-4821 for assistance.

Questions regarding any of the medical imaging certifications should be directed to the department staff 267-685-4821.

 Steps to enroll in the Radiography Program

1. Enroll at Bucks County Community College

2. Placement testing (can be taken once per application cycle)

** Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) Health Occupations Aptitude Test results-50th percentile or better in each area of the exam. Required for all students without a completed degree

3. Send a completed application packet that includes the following items to the Radiography Program

Admission Criteria:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Completed PA Criminal Background Check and PA Child Abuse History.
  3. FBI fingerprint

      4. Educational Records:

  •  **Official high school transcripts or equivalent
  •  **College transcripts

Steps in the Application Process

  1. Submit the completed application packet by November 30th.
  2. Submit completed PA Criminal Background Check and PA Child Abuse History forms.
  3. Have official high school/GED results/college transcripts sent to the program.
  4. Take the Psychological Services Bureau Health Occupations Aptitude Test (PSB). Applicants are responsible to schedule to take the test after they have sent transcripts and the application form to the program. The applicant must receive a 50th percentile or better in each of the five areas of the exam in one sitting.
  5. Submit two professional references (from employers and instructors).
  6. Once the Program has received all of the above data, the applicant will be called to schedule an interview with Program personnel.
  7. Urine drug screening will be required for all accepted students

Applicant Selection Criteria Form (click here to download)

Please send all information to:

Marie Leodore, Radiography Program Director
Bucks County Community College
1304 Veterans Highway
Bristol, PA 19007

Application Forms

The deadline for the application process is November 30th. Please download the application forms. Complete each form and mail them to the Radiography Program

PSB Testing

Bucks County Community College's Radiography Program utilizes the PSB (Psychological Services Bureau) Health Occupations Aptitude Examination as one of its criteria for admission into the Program.

The PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Examination assesses individuals' skills in five areas:

  • Academic Aptitude
  • Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Information in the Natural Sciences
  • Vocational Adjustment

Applicants to the Radiography Program must score in the 50th percentile or better in each of the areas in order to be considered for admission.

Please visit the Testing Center web pages for information and exam schedules.

For more information about the PSB Assessment Test, click here.