Advanced Imaging Online Registry Prep

The MRI and CT Registry Review Programs are designed for experienced medical imaging professions seeking to enter the field of computed tomography. The didactic content is structured to meet the content requirements of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Post-primary Registry Exam in CT, and will help professionals prepare for the examination. Didactic courses are delivered online in an interactive format to accommodate the working adult student. Students are responsible for finding a host hospital in which to complete the clinical experience necessary for the ARRT certification examination.

As per the new ARRT requirement, all students MUST document a completed associate degree.

Foreign student course evaluations must state clearly the credits equate to a degree.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the program the CT/MRI student shall be able to:

  1. understand the basic physics and equipment used in CT
  2. understand the basic physics and equipment used in MRI
  3. identify normal anatomy
  4. know the proper positioning and scanning protocols for all CT procedures required by the ARRT
  5. know the proper positioning and scanning protocols for all MRI procedures required by the ARRT
  6. evaluate image quality and know how and when to adjust the imaging parameters
  7. apply the principles of protection for the patient, self and others
  8. provide patient care and comfort
  9. recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate life-saving first aid and basic life support procedures
  10. participate in quality assurance programs

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Student Radiographers

Review for the registry in the convenience of your home!!

WHEN?  ONLINE   Study at your convenience .

Course open for a one week timeframe to gather and review any information needed

WHAT WILL BE COVERED?   5 content areas

Patient Care, Radiation Protection, Equipment Operations, Procedures and Image Acquisition


CAN I RETAKE THE TESTS?  YES, any time during your enrollment.

COST   $ 200.00

WHAT DOES THE FEE COVER?   Course Materials, Interactive Links, Testing and an opportunity to post questions for discussions.