Tuition and Expenses

Approximate Required Fee Schedule
for Class of 2015-2016

Non-refundable Acceptance Fee due to Student Account Office located in the Linksz Pavilion, Newtown Campus:  $150.00 due on or about June 15, 2015

Tuition:  $14,500.00*  (Includes all nursing course materials except Interpersonal Communication and Nutrition) 

Divided into three payments*

  • 1st Payment:   $4,578.00 due July 17
  • 2nd Payment:  $5,325.00 due October 30
  • 3rd Payment:  $4,597.00 due April 24

*Please note consideration is given to tuition due dates with regards to disbursement of Financial Aid and Student Loans.

Laboratory Fee (includes individual Nurse Pack with stethoscope): $239.00 due June 19

Two Clinical Uniforms with BCCC insigne:  $74.00 due at time of measurements

Additional Supplies (white nursing shoes/sneakers, watch with second hand):  $75.00

Graduation Fee (includes caps and gown):  $85.00 due May 2016

Please Note:  Students will receive information regarding fees for Application and Registration for NCLEX Exam and Temporary Practice Permits one month prior to graduation.

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from the Practical Nursing Program must notify the director in writing of intent to withdraw and formally request a refund.  Refunds for withdrawn courses are made according to the following schedule:

  • Withdrawal/Drop  before the official start-date of each level:  100% refund
  • Withdrawal/Drop during the first week of each level :  75% refund
  • Withdrawal/Drop occurring after the first week and up until the end of the first month:  50% refund

A student who is dismissed for failure to maintain required grades and meet program expectations is not eligible for a tuition refund.

Please note the acceptance and lab fees are non-refundable. You may appeal to the Director of Practical Nursing for an increase in the amount of your tuition refund. No appeals will be accepted after the level in question ends.  Withdrawal/drop is determined by the last day of attendance of the student.