Current Courses

Acupressure for Self Care Seva Stress Release Part 1 for LMT’s and Nurses  (3 CE's) 
This three hour class teaches an acupressure protocol (The Seva Stress Release) that can be used for self-care, addressing a wide range of needs, including general relaxation and well-being or extreme shock and stress. This workshop does not require previous bodywork experience. Anyone can learn this simple but effective way to help themselves. This dynamic and interactive workshop allows the participant to fully experience the Seva Stress release through demonstration and hands-on practice. Workshop participants learn a unique touch method, various effective acupoints and how to use this protocol for self-care. In this workshop participants learn about the healing and transforming power of acupressure, practice techniques to use for self-care, learn Chak-ra Tai Chi, and take home skills they can use for the rest of their life. Missy Olega, LMT

Newtown Campus/$65 / OHEAL 0118 WB1

Thur, 2/26, 9 am- 12 pm 

Seva Stress Release: Part 2 for LMT and Nurses (3 CE's) Prerequisite: Seva Stress Release: Part One
This is part two of our introductory training. Our special form of acupressure touch is reviewed, and students learn to give acupressure to others. The Seva Stress Release is demonstrated and practiced in two new ways: seated in chairs and lying comfortably on massage tables. After taking modules one and two, students have enough information and skill to practice easily on themselves, as well as with family and friends. These two modules (or a complete 6 hour Seva Stress Release workshop) comprise the pre-requisite for taking any of the remaining Acupressure for Anyone workshops.   Missy Olega, LMT

Newtown Campus/$65 /OHEAL 0119 WB1

Thurs, 2/26, 1pm - 3pm

Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications for LMT’s and Nurses (24 CE's)

This workshop teaches how to use acupressure to balance and energize the whole body and specific parts, as well as address symptoms. In addition, you will also receive a clinical handbook and study guide with more than 70 specific acupressure formulas for specific body parts and conditions. Appropriate for clinical applications. This workshop is ideal for professionals with hands-on experience. Non-experienced practitioners should consider taking an introductory course such as the SEVA/Stress Release workshop or seek approval from the instructor. Missy Oleaga, LMT

24 CEUs:
Massage Therapists (NCBTMB)
Acupuncturists (NCCAOM)
Asian Bodywork Therapists (NCCAOM)
Nurses (AHNA) 

Newtown Campus/$595/ OHEAL 0110 WB1
2 Sat & 2 Sun, 2/28, 3/1, 3/7, 3/8,  9 am-3:30 pm

Introduction to Thai Massage (14 Hrs)
This weekend workshop is designed to introduce the beginner with some of the foundations of Thai massage.  Key points will be reviewed on benefits, contraindications, body awareness and self-care.  You will be taught a mini 60 minute routine that includes:  techniques for feet, legs, hara, upper body, head and face. The training will move at a steady pace.  Be ready to work and be worked on.  Please be mentally and physically prepared, take notes and follow along in the handouts.  There will be time for discussion, questions and practice.   Barbara Panno LMT, RTT

Newtown Campus/$275/ OHEAL 0113 WB1

Sa & Su, 3/7 & 3/8, 9 am-5 pm

Traditional Thai Massage,
  Level 1, Basic, Front Position (28 CE’s)
This course is designed to provide you with the fundamental tools to perform the Front Position of a traditional northern style Thai Massage.  You will learn how to give a full-body treatment with the client mostly supine.  You will be shown how to perform individual movements in a flowing, rhythmic routine, addressing most major muscle groups and joints in the body.   We will develop and strengthen balance, focus, and good body mechanics.  In this work, both the giver and the receiver benefit from the session. This course is open to anyone interested in learning this “Ancient Healing Way.” Barbara Panno, LMT, RTT

Newtown Campus/$475/ OHEAL 0120 WB1
2 Sa & 2 Su, 4/11, 4/12, 4/18, 4/19, 9 am-5 pm          

To register, please call 215-968-8409 & select option #1.   For more information, please contact Janet Baker, Director of Allied Health at 215-968-8324 or email

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