Effective Speaking

Summer Session III 2017

Newtown, Upper Bucks, and Virtual Campuses

Effective speaking tutors can assist currently enrolled students with speeches for any BCCC course. Students are permitted to meet with an effective speaking tutor for one 30-minute face-to-face appointment or one 50-minute real-time online session per day. Second appointments may be available with a writing tutor. Please click on the links below to schedule or request an appointment. Please stop in to L210 or call 215-968-8044 with any questions. ‌

Please note: The semester schedule is subject to change. Click on Schedule Appointment and sign into TutorTrac™ for the most up-to-date schedule.    

 What We Can Do

  • help you understand an assignment you've been given
  • help you utilize your textbook and class notes
  • help you get started on a particular speech you are working on
  • help you improve a rough draft you are working on
  • help you with topic sentences and thesis statements for your speeches
  • help you to give your speech more focus
  • help you revise or rewrite a speech according to your instructor's suggestions
  • help you with your oral presentation skills

 What We Can't Do

  • write any part of your speech for you
  • be of much help if you come to the Center the day your speech is due
  • proofread your speech for you
  • help you with a take-home test
  • guarantee that you will get good grades