Learning Resources

Support for teaching and learning is available through the Learning Resources Offices located in the Library. Learning Resources represents collaboration between Library Services, Media Lab (Formerly MInDSpace), the Help Desk, the Tutoring Center, and the Virtual Campus/Online Learning.

Our goals are:

  • To provide access to resources that support students, faculty, and staff in creating an effective learning environment.
  • To provide faculty and students with tools and support programs and services that foster effective and reliable access to learning technologies across the range of learning modes, from face-to-face, to hybrid, to online, to eLearning.
  • To provide faculty and staff with solutions that facilitate productivity in working with technology.
  • To provide reassurance, guidance, and assistance to students and faculty as they adopt technologies in their teaching and learning.

The Learning Resources office phone number is 215-968-8001.

Feedback/Suggestions send to Bill.Hemmig@bucks.edu