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TutorTracTM provides a convenient way for you to schedule a tutoring appointment or view our drop-in schedules at any Campus from any computer with Internet access.  (Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.) 

Directions and Tutorial

Directions and Tutorial for Searching for Tutor Availability to Schedule an Appointment or View Drop-In Hours

TutorTrac Tutorial

Please read the directions below before entering TutorTrac. Please click on the screen shots to the right of the bulleted information to see pictures of the TutorTrac screens.

  1. From the TutorTrac Main Menu:Sign in to TutorTrac using your BCCC Username & Password. Sign In Image  
  2. Click on “Search Availability….” Search Availability Image    
  3. In the "Center" drop down menu to the left, choose the Center. The "Online Tutoring Center" is for Real-Time Online appointments only. Choose Center Image  
  4. In the "Consultant" drop-down, choose a Tutor. (Optional - only choose for a specific tutor)
  5. In the "Section" drop-down, choose your class, i.e. COMP107.N12. (Required) Choose Section Image  
  6. In the "Reason" drop-down, choose your Visit Reason, i.e. Writing, Reading, Study Skills; Math; Accounting; etc. (click once to select). (Required) Choose Reason Image Visit Reasons Instructions     
  7. Dates are pre-set to scheduling limit of two weeks. Adjust date and time if desired. Type in the date or choose from the calendar. Choose times by sliding the bar to the left and/or right.  Choose days by left-clicking on or off the days of the week.  (The highlighted days are the ones for which you are searching.) Adjust Dates/Times Image     
  8. Click "Search"
  9. Click on preferred timeslot. Please note the Tutor's Classification when scheduling, i.e., Writing Tutor, AESL Tutor, etc. Search Availability Display Image   Search Availability Display 2 Image    
  10. Review the appointment details and click "Save". Make Appointment Image  
  11. After clicking "Save", the appointment timeslot will disappear.  Repeat the above steps if you wish to make additional appointments for a different day or search drop-in tutor availability. Timeslot Disappears Image
  12. If you are searching drop-in times, please note the times and walk into the Center during the listed times. For drop-in tutoring, you can only view availability – you cannot schedule an appointment.  (For example, Math and Accounting at Newtown are drop-in.) Drop-In Times Image    
  13. If necessary, please cancel your appointment from the Main Menu.  Clicking on the "X" next to the appointment information in the Upcoming Appointment section.  Enter reason (if desired), and click "Confirm". Canel Appointment Image  Confirm Cancellation Image  

Important:  If you encounter any problems, or if your course is not listed in TutorTrac, please call the Newtown Center at 215-968-8044 during business hours, which are listed on Center's main page.