Online Tutoring

Fall Session 2017

The Academic Success Center offers real-time and asynchronous online tutoring for a many of our subjects. Our real-time online options use an interactive whiteboard called Scribblar© to allow the tutor and student to engage in the session using audio, chat, and whiteboard features.

In addition to our real-time options, we have two forms students can use to submit their work asynchronously. The Ask a Tutor Form is available for quick questions, while the Online Writing Form is available for students to submit a paper to a tutor for more in depth feedback.

Please see the tutorial and specific information below for setting up and requesting an appointment for real-time online tutoring, accessing drop-in tutoring, or submitting your work to either of the online forms. Please visit our Schedule Appointment link. Call (215) 968-8044 for help setting up an appointment.  

Drop-in Real-Time Online Tutoring

Drop-in online tutoring is available for Writing, Math, Effective Speaking, Italian, and Psychology. While tutors may be able to respond to more in-depth concerns, it is really intended for quick questions.

Some instructors have included a link to drop-in tutoring in the left-hand menu of your Canvas course pages. If you do not see this link, you can access Drop-in Tutoring through My Bucks. Please make sure you are logged into Canvas in the same browser before signing in through My Bucks. After logging in to My Bucks, select "Tutoring Center" from the Student Support and Services tab, and click on "Online Writing Tutoring Center" or "Online Math Tutoring Center” to enter our Canvas space. A tutor will monitor the space as available on business days. Click on Online Tutoring Center to be brought to directly to our page on the portal.

Appointments for Real-Time Online Tutoring

Below you will find some general guidelines and tips to help prepare you for your real-time online sessions. 

Information for Scheduling a Session:

  1. Click on Schedule Appointment, use the Appointment Request form, call the Newtown Center (215-968-8044), or drop in to any of our locations. (Please note that Psychology sessions must be scheduling by calling Newtown or submitting an Appointment Request.)
  2. Review Appointment Policies regarding the number of appointments students may have with a specific tutor each day.
  3. Online appointments are scheduled for an hour: 50 minutes for the appointment, and 10 minutes for set-up.
  4. Make sure to confirm your email address and provide a phone number where you can be reached at the time of the appointment.
  5. An email will be sent to you approximately 15 minutes before the start of the session with a link to the Online Room where your session will take place.

Technology Tips:

  1. Flash is required when using Scribblar©. Please make sure that your device has Flash as soon as possible after scheduling your session.
  2. If you do not receive the email before the start of the session, we recommend that you call us before the start of the session to ensure that the email was sent to the correct address. We will call you if you are not in the room five minutes after the start of the session, again to make sure that the email was received.
  3. In addition to the interactive whiteboard and online chat features, the software has audio capabilities using head sets and microphones. If using the audio options,
    • We recommend that you use a headset/headphones to avoid an echo.
    • If you have free-standing speakers, please face these speakers away from your computer to minimize feedback. 
    • If technical difficulties arise with the audio, the tutor will call you.

Session Reminders:

  1. Be sure to give yourself as much time as possible between the session and the due date of the assignment in the event of technical difficulties or service interruption
  2. Before your session, review the instructions, videos, and screen shots made available for you the Guide for Using Scribblar (PDF) (Word). These will help you with the login process, as well as with the options for working with your materials.
  3. As with a face-to-face session, be prepared with all materials, especially your assignment description, and that you have questions prepared for the tutor regarding your concerns with the assignment, paper, or problem.
  4. The tutor will do his or her best to help you use the features of the program; however, the Academic Success Center is not responsible for any technical difficulties that may prevent you from accessing the room's services. If you have a question, please call the Center at 215-968-8044 or email, and we will do our best to help you.