Writing Paragraphs & Essays

Some Common Types of Writing
Analysis by Division Graphic Organizer  .Doc .PDF
Argumentation  .Doc .PDF
Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Classification Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Definition Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Descriptive Writing Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Exemplification Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Five Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Narrative Structures Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Process Analysis Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF
Semiotics .Doc .PDF
Summary and Response .Doc .PDF
Writing a Unified Paragraph Graphic Organizer .Doc .PDF



Essay Parts
Conclusions  .Doc .PDF
Introductions .Doc   .PDF
Thesis Statements                                                 .Doc  .PDF
Topic Sentences .Doc .PDF 


The Writing Process
Backwards Outlining .Doc .PDF
Finding a Focus .Doc .PDF
Glossing an Essay  .Doc  .PDF
Pre-Writing Strategies                                          .Doc  .PDF
Revision and Proofreading  .Doc  .PDF
Understanding the Research Process  .Doc  .PDF



Using Sources
Annotated Bibliography                                         .Doc  .PDF
Attributions .Doc .PDF
Embedded Quotations .Doc .PDF
Responding to Sources .Doc .PDF


Extra Help
Online Resources                                                     .Doc .PDF