Honors@Bucks Admission Requirements

  • Apply for admission to an associate-degree program.
  • Submit the Honors @ Bucks Application before completing 30 credits in the associate-degree program.
  • For recent high-school graduates: a 3.25 high-school GPA (unweighted) and minimum placement-test scores of Math/5, Read/3, Writing/6.
  • For adult students (those five or more years past high-school graduation): minimum placement-test scores of Math/5, Read/3, Writing/6 and either a 3.25 high-school GPA (unweighted) or a professional letter of recommendation.
  • For current students: minimum placement-test scores of Math/5 (or completion of MATH101 or 103), Read/3, Writing/6 (or completion of COMP110) and 8 college-level credits earned in one semester with a cumulative GPA of 3.25.
  • For transfer students: minimum placement-test scores of (or waivers equivalent to) Math/5, Writing/6, and Read/3 and 8 or more credits in college-level courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 verified by official transcript(s) from previously attended institution(s).

For more information

Please contact Dr. Stephen doCarmo, program coordinator, at (215) 968-8267, or the Admissions Office at honors@bucks.edu or (215) 968-8119.