Honors by Contract

Conversion of "regular" Bucks courses into honors courses

"Honors by contract" allows an Honors@Bucks student in a regular academic course to enter with his or her professor into a contract specifying additional studies and assignments appropriate for honors credit.  If the Honors@Bucks student completes the contract to the professor's satisfaction, the course is converted into an honors course on the student's transcript. 

Honors contracts are facilitated by Dr. Stephen doCarmo, Honors@Bucks coordinator, and should be arranged at the end of the semester preceding the one in which the contract will be in effect. Contracts must be submitted for Honors Council approval by a deadline early in the semester.

Honors@Bucks students must complete at least one dedicated-honors course before beginning by-contract coursework. 

Honors@Bucks students may forge honors contracts only in courses that help fulfill requirements for their own programs of study.

Generally speaking, an Honors@Bucks student may not forge a contract in a course being offered in dedicated-honors format that same semester. 

Note that honors contracts are not available for one- and two-credit courses—nor are they available for studio-based fine-arts courses (e.g. VAFA100: Drawing Fundamentals). 

If you're an Honors@Bucks student interested in arranging contracts for an upcoming semester, please contact Dr. Stephen doCarmo, Honors@Bucks program coordinator.

For more information

Please contact either Dr. Stephen doCarmo, program coordinator, at (215) 968-8267, or the Admissions Office at (215) 968-8119.