Internship Information

The Criminal Justice Area offers its students an opportunity to experience “hands-on” learning through its internship program available exclusively to criminal justice majors.  Students can take advantage of semester long placements in Bucks County police departments, probation departments, social service agencies, prison half-way programs, and other alternatives to fit the students’ needs.  In this way the student will be better able to come to a decision as to whether or not his or her chosen field is appropriate.  The internship provides the student with a 3 credit criminal justice elective which is applied to the 3 course elective requirement.

Cooperative Education - Criminal Justice


This course introduces students to field work directly related to the student's academic preparation and career objectives. The major areas of focus include partaking in actual field work, observing real-life situations of the working professional and their clients, and comparing academic theory to field work observations.

3 credits
Prerequisite: CRIJ100 (C or better) and permission of the Department
Corequisite: None