Food Blogging 101

Learn how to become a blogger for a hobby or for a second income. Have you ever been inspired with a meal or a specific dish or recipe and want to share it with others? How about sharing it with the world? Learn how to create inspiring social media of 40 characters or less, combine photos and words to make delicious content. Creating your own food blog is definitely empowering. What better way to combine your recipes, your pictures, your thoughts and creative expressions – in a beautiful, yet personal presentation. Maria Liberati

Newtown Campus/$79 /RCULI 4174 C01
3 Sat, 4/9-4/23, 9-11am

Let’s Make Ricotta

Ever wonder how to make ricotta cheese, now is your chance to learn. You’re not going to believe how easy it is! Once you make your own ricotta, it’s hard to go back to the tub! Maria is going to share with you the history of ricotta and the Italian culture. Maria Verzilli

Newtown Campus/$54 (Includes $5 materials fee)
RCULI 4175 C01
Sat, 4/2, 9-11 am

Let’s Make Potato Gnocchi         NEW

Master the Authentic Italian technique behind delicious tender potato gnocchi. Discover how easy it is to make your own light and fluffy gnocchi. You don’t need any special technique. A light hand and a few basic ingredients are all you need to whip up these fluffy potato pillows. Maria Verzilli

Newtown Campus/$54 (Includes $5 materials fee)
RCULI 4178 C01/ Sat, 3/12, 9-11 am

Preserving the Harvest – Everything you need to know about Home Canning Preserving  NEW

Join Marian Bolum, a Certified Master Food Preserver and owner of Farm to Jars and learn everything you need to know on how to Preserve the Season. These two classes will cover everything from canning jams and jellies to pickles and soups. The classes will include step by step instructions on how to use a Pressure Canner and Boiling Water Bath Canner along with a discussion on safety and storage. We will be using the Pressure Canner to preserve a homemade delicious soup, where you can control the sodium, preservatives and additives. By the end of the two classes, you will have the confidence to start preserving your own food and be ready to start filling your pantry with locally grown food that you can enjoy all year. Marian Bolum

Newtown Campus/$99 (includes $30 materials fee) RCULI 4177 C01
2 Fri, 4/15-4/22, 6-8:30pm