Kids on Campus: New Camps

A quick glance at this year's newest additions to Kids On Campus.

All camps are Monday-Friday, 9 am-3:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

New Camps

A Cappella Camp-2week

Students will learn the art of singing vocal arrangements without instrumental accompaniment. They will study the evolution of A Cappella as it developed over the years. Students will learn the elements of proper singing technique and apply it to songs that will include both contemporary and classic styles of A Cappella singing. Performance techniques and minor choreography will be part of the class. A Performance will be given at the end of the second week.
Kim Hunt, B.A.
$394 RCHYC 6060 C01

App Design

MIT App Inventor is an innovative program that teaches students how to create smartphone apps. With the aid of a smart phone emulator software, students will create such things as a text to speech app; a finger drawing app; a smart phone game app & much more. This program encourages creative thinking & logical reasoning as well as provides an opportunity to work collaboratively.
Karen Rodriguez
$279 (Tuition $269/ Material fee $10) RCHYC 6060 C01

Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

We are taking care of business this Week! Do you have an idea for a hot new product you think will change the world? This is your chance to learn how to start a business from the ground up. In this fun filled camp, you will develop, test, and pitch your business concept. Throughout the week, we will hear from successful local business owners and entrepreneurs about the importance of planning, innovation, collaboration, determination, and more. Because starting a business is about so much more than just having a great idea, we will focus on leadership skills, civic responsibility, etiquette, and problem-solving. We end the week pitching our ideas in our very own “shark tank”.
Greg Luce
$269 RCHYC 6062 C01

Babysitting Made Easy

Do you like to work with children? This camp will provide youth who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. This training will help participants to develop leadership skills; learn how to develop a babysitting business, keep themselves and others safe and help children behave; and learn about basic child care and basic first aid. The recommended age for this course is 11-15 years old. Participants will be certified in CPR/1st Aid/Aed upon successfully completing this camp..
Lori Sullivan
$269 RCHYC 6063 C01

Beginning Sewing 2

Continue sewing from Beginner Sewing 2! Campers will learn and practice sewing techniques to acquire skills to make a skirt or pajama bottoms and other items if time allows. Campers MUST have taken Beginner
Paula Molino-Wolff, M.Ed.
$269 RCHYC 6064 C01

Bridge Building

This exciting camp is great for those campers who enjoy problem solving, engineering, designing, team activities, and a little friendly competition. You will work in teams to design the strongest bridge…using balsa wood and glue. Teams will use the Internet to find bridge designs, strategies, and tips for constructing the effective bridge. After construction, teams will compete to see which bridge can hold the most weight.
Brian Ulkloss, M.A.
$229 (Tuition $214/Material fee $15) RCHYC 6065 C01

Dance Dance Dance

In this camp students will learn basic dance stretches, as well as basic dance steps. They will put this knowledge together in two short combinations, one jazz and one ballet. They will perform these combinations at the end of the week in front of family and friends in a short recital.
Amanda Hangeland, B.S.
$269 RCHYC 6066 C01

Engineering with Knex

Using Knex construction sets, explore the world of engineering.. Learn basic Science Technology Engineering & Math skills(STEM) while building cars, bridges, and roller coasters. Get involved in the design process by being part of a design team.
Zachary Ferraro B.S.
$279 RCHYC 6067 C01

Fitness Fun II

Take a break from the computers, video games, and the sedentary lifestyle and come exercise this summer. Learn the importance of “Functional Fitness” and its role on becoming a better mover. Functional fitness uses movements that help your body function like it should, giving you the ability to get normal things done in your daily life. Learn how to use your own body to get stronger. Try our resistance training to get toned and become more flexible with our yoga stretches. Learn how to boost your metabolism with some walking and jogging and Tyler State Park. You will also be having some fun with jumping rope. Learn how to make healthy food choices and the importance of nutrition in the world of Fitness. Play various tag games, 3 v 3 soccer, capture the flag, along with other outdoor games that include lots of movement. Finally enjoy a complimentary tour and workout of a local CrossFit gym and get coached by a certified CrossFit Kids instructor. Bring your towel and bathing suit to end the day with a swim. Please make sure your child has a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, sneakers, along with water bottle and snack.
Chris McCormick, M.E.D./CrossFit Level 1 (CF-1) Instructor
$289 Tuition $269/Material fee $20) RCHYC 6068 C01

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor and uses a standard keyboard & mouse. It enables to explore & understand how computers work as well as learn to program using languages like Scratch and Python. Students will create an Interactive Pet, a robot antenna, an interactive game and much more. This program encourages creative thinking & logical reasoning as well as provides an opportunity to work collaboratively.
Karen Rodriquez
$319 (Tuition $269/Material fee $50) RCHYC 6069 C01

Scratch II

This program is a continuation to the Introduction to Scratch programming Camps. Students participating in this camp MUST have taken the beginning Scratch Programming class FIRST! During this program students will create Advanced digital Artwork; Advanced computer games and write digital music. This program encourages creative thinking & logical reasoning as well as provides an opportunity to work collaboratively.
Karen Rodriquez
$269 RCHYC 6070 C01

It's Your Move

It’s Your Move encourages campers to employ their wits to outplay their opponents no matter what game they’re playing. We will develop strategy, problem-solving, and collaboration skills by playing board games, card games, some outdoor games, and we will recreate a game show called Win, Lose or Draw. We will even create and play our very own board games on Friday!
Greg Luce
$269 RCHYC 6071 C01

Jazz Workshop II

Join us for the continuation of this intensive course for intermediate level school musicians. You will focus on the aural and theoretical skills needed to improvise and how to apply these skills. Gain confidence in your ability to improvise by experiencing and performing different styles of Jazz in various ensembles and performance settings. The week will culminate in a noon performance for family and friends.
John Sheridan, M.M.& Mark Pultorak
$284 RCHYC 6072 C01

Kid Kuisine I-Baking I

This is a weeklong fun filled training program that will introduce young bakers to Baking Science and Pastry Art. You will learn proper hygiene, safe baking practices, fancy baking and pastry display work. You will work in teams and be instructed by industry certified chefs. A certificate of completion will be presented to those who complete entire training.
SPECIAL NOTE: Students are strongly encouraged to complete Kid Kuisine I first as they will be more familiar with the facility and operations of the program.
Students who have previously taken Kid Kuisine Baking I are encouraged NOT to repeat this course. This is for 1st time baking students.
Earl R. Arrowood, CCC, CCE, FMP, AAC, M.Sc. & Chef John Angeline, CEPC, MBA
$309 ( Tuition $249/ Material fee $60) RCHYC 6073 C01

Kid Kuisine Advanced "A La Carte"

This is the continuation of Kid Kuisine I- basic. Students must have successfully completed the previous course or have taken Intermediate previously. This course will take the student to the next level. Students will continue to explore, cook and bake with a better sense of awareness and confidence. Students will be challenged and coached into more creative thought about how they cook and bake. Students will host a buffet style event on the last day .A certificate of completion of this course will be presented to those who complete all week long training
Earl R. Arrowood, CCC, CCE, FMP, AAC, M.Sc. & Chef John Angeline, CEPC, MBA
$359 ( Tuition $299/ Material fee $60 ) RCHYC 6074 C01

Let's Get Lost in Space

What’s every kids’ dream? Traveling to space seems to be at the top of most lists! During the week in “Let’s Get Lost in Space!” We are going to be learning all about planets and things in space, like stars. Each day we will have a different planet to focus on with its own games and crafts. Pretending to be astronauts one day and making some space food will be a totally out of this world week!
Kate Gosser
$269 RCHYC 6075 C01

Minecraft World

Lose yourself in the world of Minecraft and make your blocks come to life. Throughout the week, campers will design a world digitally, using the game Minecraft and then, they will bring their design to life. Students will engage in real life games and crafts related to Minecraft and its characters. Students must have their own Minecraft account which can be purchased on line. (
Matt Shuster, B.S.
$269 RCHYC 6076 C01

Recycled Crafts

Recycled Crafts is a fun way to teach our children how to save our environment. Students will learn how to use items that normally would end up in the trash to make a craft. Various creative ideas will be brought to camp. The student will be encouraged to be creative and dig deep with artistic expressions to form a craft worthy keep sake. Various items such as bottle caps, cans, plastic jugs, egg cartons, old CDs ,buttons, paper, jars, and much more to create some unique and wonderful craft projects. Come enjoy a hoot of a time making an Owl that will enhance your desire to create more creatures from an old CD and jar lid. Maybe a bracelet that is sure to update one of your summer outfits interests you. These are just some of the examples that will be enjoyed in our crafting class!
Joan Zalucki
$269 RCHYC 6077 C01

Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is a soccer camp where children learn the basics of soccer while learning about teamwork. The beginning of the week will focus on the basic rules and skills of soccer including dribbling, shooting, passing, and throw ins. At the end of the week campers will learn to apply the skills taught to play different soccer oriented games and scrimmage. The campers will learn what it means to be a team player and what it means to have good sportsmanship.
Shin guards and cleats are recommended.
Kaitlyn Gulla, B.S.
$219 RCHYC 6078 C01

Stuff and Fluff II

Students will learn more advanced constructing and finishing to create soft toys (stuffed animals) and fabric dolls. A variety of projects will be available to each student based on their sewing skill level. Students will create simple pillows, soft fabric dolls and or stuffed animals. A variety of materials will be used for filling (fiberfill, beans, rice), as well as a variety of embellishments to allow each student to create his/her own individual toy! Students will be provided standard instructions and patterns to follow for initial projects. Depending on skill level, each student will be able to create a unique item based on moderate to advanced patterns and construction techniques. Stuff & Fluff I or Toys & Sew Much More will be required pre-requisite.
Betsy Kruse
$269 (Tuition $259/Material Fee $10) RCHYC 6079 C01

Totally Hands on Science (Biology and Aquatics)

Are you curious to know about microscopic environments and the many fascinating properties of water? Join the science crew to explore the creatures, big and small, on land and in water. Learn about the many unique things water is capable of doing and how it impacts the world around us. Future doctors, biologists, and veterinarians can come dissect frogs, look at cells, test the limitations of the body, and cool down with some water labs. Daily walks to Tyler State Park will connect you to nature in a hands-on way like never before.
Dave Schwind, M.Ed.
$229 (Tuition $219/ Material fee $10) RCHYC 6080 C01

Totally Hands on science (Physics and Chemistry)

Come join us for an excellent opportunity to experience hands on science. In this camp you will actually be “doing science” in a way that highlights the fun and excitement of chemistry and physics. Future engineers, meteorologists, and chemists will experience with objects in motion, chemical reactions, and building hot air balloons. A trip to the Trenton Planetarium will be a great way to observe stars and planets. Building rollercoasters, mixing chemicals, and understanding forces of nature are great ways to spend your summer.
Dave Schwind, M.Ed.
$279 (Tuition $269/ $10 Material fee) RCHYC 6081 C01

Totally Hands on Science (Earth Shaking Science)

What could be more fun than creating a house that can withstand an earthquake? Dissecting owl pellets, mixing chemicals, launching rockets, or building rollercoasters or a "sneak peek" at the inside of a frog? During this Totally Hands-On Science camp you will actually be “doing science” which highlights the fun and excitement of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. A trip to the Trenton Planetarium to observe the stars and planets as well as a day in Tyler Park to perform a macroinvertebrate study is a great way to spend your summer.
Pam McDannell, M.ED
$279 ($269 tuition/ $10 Material fee) RCHYC 6082 C01

Under the Sea Discovery

Everyone loves the ocean. Come aboard as you explore the many sea creatures and plants hiding in the sea. Through the use of crafts, stories and games become a sea explorer. Help turn your classroom into a giant aquarium to share your new found knowledge.
Casey Ferraro, B.S.
$269 RCHYC 6083 C01

We Will Build It….with Wood

What could be more fun than building your own racecar from wood and testing it on the racetrack? In this course you will learn techniques for beginning wood workers. Students will learn to design, create, and build various fun woodworking projects. Among these include racecar construction and racing, desktop basketball game construction and competition, and a gumball machine to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each participate will learn the art of wood burning and take home a complete wood burning kit.
Zachary McDannell, B.S.
$309 (tuition $269/Material fee $40) RCHYC 6084 C01