Kids on Campus: New Camps

A quick glance at this year's newest additions to Kids On Campus.

All camps are Monday-Friday, 9 am-3:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

New Camps

Art Frenzy

Are you another one of those crazed artists who loves creating something every day? Then get out of control with your inner artist while exploring different mediums every day. Remix drawings and more to develop your ideas and projects while expressing your individual self.
Danielle Cargas
$259 (all materials included) RCHYC 6001 C01

Beginner Sewing

Learn how to sew this summer! Campers will learn the basics of sewing by hand and by machine. The camp includes many projects including a pin cushion, back sack, pillow case and pajama bottoms just to mention a few.

Paula Molino, M.ED
$259 ( includes all materials) RCHYC 6003 C01

The Great Debaters

Do you think school uniforms are a good idea?  Do you want to learn how to put the facts together to make a great argument for your side?  If so, then this is the camp for you. This camp will explore the history of the debate and will spend the week working on several different types of debate techniques all leading up to “ The Great Debate,” on the last day of camp.
Diane Rice
$259 RCHYC 6016 C01

Junior Lifeguarding

(Must be 11 years old.) 
Are you between the ages of 11 and 14? Do you see yourself as a lifeguard someday? Experience what it takes to be a great lifeguard. Learn everything from lifesaving and leadership skills to fitness and professional development. When it’s time to take a Lifeguard Training course, your Junior Lifeguarding experience will prepare you to be the best lifeguard that you can be.
Prerequisites: Swim the front crawl for 25 yards continuously while breathing to the front or side. Tread water for one (1) minute using arms and legs. Submerge and swim a distance of 10 feet underwater.
Jamie Bintliff
$279 (includes all materials)/ RCHYC 6004 C01

Color Me Crazy

Welcome to the world of color! Pack your smock and creativity this week. We will make beautiful colorful projects using our imaginations and hands to create works of art. We will learn about the color wheel and how to use color to brighten our world. We will paint, color, build, sketch and dream our way into a colorful world of art.
Kellyann Rodgers, B.S.
$259 (includes all materials) RCHYC 6005 C01

Dream House

Dream House is designed to familiarize the camper with the foundations of architecture. The camp is divided into several sections each designed to enable the camper to progress towards the goal of building a structure of their own design. A truly hands on experience!
Stuart Kryzwonos
$259 ( includes all materials) RCHYC 6009 C01 

Duct Tape Creative Crafts

What would life be like without Duct Tape? Come join us as we recycle this wonderful invention using wild colors and prints of duct tape to create fun and useful products such as a wallet, luggage tag, jewelry and other accessories and household items.
Paula Molino M.Ed
$259 ( includes all materials) RCHYC 6006 C01 

Financial Whiz Kidz

Do you want to grow up and become rich? If your answer is yew, then Financial Whiz Kidz is the camp for you. This creative, fun, interactive camp helps you learn to make, manage, and multiply your money wisely. We will start with earning and budgeting money, explore saving and investing, and end the week proving you have what it takes to grow your wealth in the real world!
Greg Luce, MBA
$259 (all materials included) RCHYC 6008 C01

Hogwarts lll

Pre-Requisite: Hogwarts Year ONE AND TWO.
This year, Kids on Campus’s Wizarding World will be hosting a legendary event: THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT! In this final installment of the KOC Hogwarts Camps, houses will compete for the Triwizard Cup in our own version of the tournament through wizarding skill-building and teamwork challenges. Are you brave enough to compete in the Triwizard tasks? Need we remind you that those who enter the competition should not be faint at heart: for those who are chosen stand alone, that is until the grand finale team challenge! If competition is not your cup of butterbeer, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. Not only will we need reporters for the Daily Prophet, but there are also still Hogwarts classes to attend. The House Cup will still be awarded to the House with the most points earned in your favorite classes from previous Hogwarts Camps, providing houses with TWO chances to win this year. Will your house be awarded both the House Cup AND Triwizard Cup? Come join us and find out!
Valerie Ciaramella
$279 RCHYC 6019 C01

Intro to Model Railroading

All Aboard! This camp will provide an introduction to model railroading. Students will have hands-on experience creating a train layout. Learn about the real world of trains and the model railroad hobby. Assemble model railroad cars and structures. Using teamwork, design and build an HO electric model train layout with running trains.
Joe's Train Station
$289 (all materials included) RCHYC 6022 C01 

Lego Animation II

Take your Lego Animation skills to the next level. In Lego II we will build on some of the digital skills developed in Lego Animation and learn to use software such as istop Motion and apple iMovie to enhance your stop motion film productions. In the end you will create your very own Lego animations to share with family and friends.
Kevin Ketler,  John Heisey
$259 (includes all materials) RCHYC 6010 C01

Little Lights Yoga

Find your inner light through the ancient tradition of Yoga for children. Yoga is not just about movements and postures. It also involves breathing, meditation, expressing yourself creatively as well as nourishing and honoring your body. We will use postures, art, music, stories, journaling and cooking as tools to find your inner light. Needed: yoga mat, art smock, towel for sitting outside and comfortable clothing suitable for outside walks and picnics. Just see what is possible when you shine your light on the world!
Debra Crasnick, MSW, RYT
$259 / RCHYC 6011 C01

Little Space Explorers

Three…Two….One….BLASTOFF! The little space explorers are geared up and off on a 5 day exploration of space! We will learn about the planets, stars, and the sun. We will learn about the planets in storybooks, build our own rocket ship, and create spacey works of art. Put on your space suit and buckle your seat belt because we are jumping in our rocket ship to take off to the moon!
Kellyann Rodgers
$259 (includes all materials) RCHYC 6012 C01


Launch rockets and build airplanes as you enter the fascinating worlds of aviation and space at NASTAR Camp EX, an exciting fun-filled five-day experience. Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion and learn how they relate to aircraft and spacecraft. You will become a rocket scientist as you assemble a flying model rocket and a test pilot as you test a glider of your own design. Activities include building parachutes, balloon-powered cars, balsa gliders, rubber-band powered airplanes, and flying models of historic aircraft. Learn about the challenges of space exploration as you make your own “space food.” NASTAR Camp EX participants will spend half a day at the NASTAR Center in Southampton, PA, where they will pilot an actual aircraft simulator and see the equipment used to prepare future astronauts for travel on the next generation of commercial space vehicles.
NASTAR Camp EX is a licensed activities-based five-day camp experience presented in cooperation with the National Aero Space Training And Research (NASTAR®) Center in Southampton, PA.
Greg Kennedy
$279 (Includes all materials) RCHYC 6018 C01


Take a unique journey towards better understanding yourself through the fascinating world of Psychology. Topics include structures of the brain, sensation and perception experiments, memory challenges, personality testing, investigations into intelligence and lots more! Joseph O’Connor
$284 ( includes all materials) RCHYC 6021 C02

Rockin Recorder Band

Learn to play your very own Recorder. ( a woodwind instrument) Compose your own song! Make your own Conga-Style drum along with Tambourines and Maracas. A Friday performance will be presented.
Joanne Naylor B.M.
$259 (includes all materials) RCHYC 6014 C01

Super Heroes

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a SUPER hero! Learn about what makes a superhero and even create your own superhero. We will celebrate real super heroes and how we can be one. We will channel DC and Marvel by creating our own comic books starring our own superheroes.
Staci Szymanski
$259 ( includes all materials) RCHYC 6002 C01

Tape It to Make It

Come enjoy a week of exploring the craftier side of everyone’s favorite fix it tool-Duct tape. You will create unique, one of a kind items such as wallets, clutches, flower pens, messenger bags, angry birds, pillow animals, and more. So waddle on over to join us quacking for joy while we tape it to make it with duct tape.
Michael Hughes
$279 (all materials included) RCHYC 6020 C01

Time Travelers

Have you ever wondered what it was like to go back in time? What would it have been like to be a cave person at the beginning of time? Or a cowboy on the frontier? Maybe into the future? Time Travelers will explore history, social studies, science, art and role play as we consider other time periods. Campers will get to be time traveling explorers through stories, games, crafts and science experiments!
Jennifer White-Peters
$209 ( includes all materials) RCHYC 6007 C01

Upcycled Fashion

This week long camp will allow campers to re-purpose old, out grown or unused clothes into new wearable fashion such as shirts, skirts, vests, etc. Campers can also make tote bags, purses, pillows, stuffed animals or projects of the campers’ ideas. Projects will be tailored to the student’s experience level, allowing all abilities to participate. Students will be required to bring in t-shirts and clothing from home. 
Catherine C. Kruse
$259 RCHYC 6017 C01

Video Production

Are you ready to take the next step in video production?  This camp will focus on how audio, video, non-linear editing, and special effects can enhance the average home movie.  We will build on the basics from Digital Video and use Apple iMovie to create and share our short films with family and friends.    
Kevin Ketler, B.S.
$259 RCHYC 6013 C01

Volleyball Academy

This camp is designed for boys and girls looking to learn the fundamentals of volleyball. Emphasis will be placed on all aspects of volleyball including passing, setting, serving, blocking, attacking, digging and team play. Campers will receive fitness training specific to the sport of volleyball and participate in multiple drills to reinforce muscle memory skills. Individual and team competitions will also take place throughout the week.
Greg Marchetti
$259 (all materials included) RCHYC 6015 C01