Kids on Campus: New Camps

A quick glance at this year's newest additions to Kids On Campus.

All camps are Monday-Friday, 9 am-3:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

New Camps

Fairy Tale Discovery

Fairy tale Discovery is an adventure of the imagination for our five and six year olds! We will be stepping inside to a classic and high interest fairy tale each day and approaching it from a cross curricular approach – literature, music, art, science, physical education and social studies for each fairy tale!
Jennifer White-Peters
$209 ( Tuition $189 / Material fee $20) RCHYC 6025 C01

Let's Build Something

Get ready to build! Campers will use recycled materials and everyday items to build a variety of structures throughout the week. We will test our creativity as we become engineers and designers and explore what exciting things we can develop.
Simrit Khalsa, B.S.
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6026 C01, C02

Exploring Astronomy

How much do you know about the universe and your place in it? Gain a better understanding of the objects and
Phenomena that you observe in the night sky. Through hands-on activities, online simulations and labs students will
learn about our vast universe by exploring gravity, galaxies, black holes and more. Come join us for an out of this world experience.
Rebecca Obert-Thorn, M.Ed.
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6027 C01

Outdoor Adventure

Could you survive in the wilderness? This camp will focus on building wilderness skills including fire
Building, camp cooking, navigation, shelter building, trip planning and outdoor preparedness. Daily
activities will be based around hiking in and around the Bucks County campus and Tyler State Park.
James Smirk
$279 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $40) RCHYC 6028 C01, C02, C03, C04, C05

Home for the Holidays

Students will celebrate holidays from around the world in this camp of global activities, crafts and foods. We will explore holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year. Each day of camp will feature a different holiday as we learn about traditions, festivities and foods involved with each special celebration. We will read books, learn songs or dances, make crafts and sample special refreshments from each culture. Students will be encouraged to share traditions from their own family holidays throughout the camp. If time permits, additional holidays will be explored (Cinco de Mayo, Bastille Day, May Day, St Lucia Day, Arapaho Sun Dance as a few ideas).
Betsy Kruse, M.B.A
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6029 C01, C02

Discovering Dinos!

Join us for a wild week of Discovering Dinosaurs! Campers will be able to let their imaginations run free as they become mini- paleontologists. We will spend the week getting involved in hands on science projects related to dinosaurs, creating our very own fossils, and going on a dinosaur dig! Campers will also take part in art projects, math activities, and reading fun all geared towards dinosaurs. Join us on our expedition!!
Shea Andress
$259 RCHYC 6030 C01, C02, C03

Origami Galore and More

Explore the world of origami crafting, history, and techniques, along with Haiku poetry creation and illustration.
Marie Mueller, M.ED
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6031 C01

Who Dunnit-Be a Detective

Who did it? Where did it happen? How? Solve mysteries using your super sleuth skills. Solve mysteries to find out whodunit! Learn how to ask good questions to get the clues you need to solve the crime and some skills from some of our favorite detectives.
Staci Szymanski
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6032 C01, C02

A Sticky Kinda Art

Youngsters will enjoy a magical adventure of stories and rhymes, moving and singing, while painting, sticking, and rolling their way to fantastic art work.
Danielle Cargas
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6033 C01

Stones and Bones

Where did we come from? How did our ancestors live? Archaeology tries to answer these questions.
The study of archaeology looks at the culture of humans throughout history. Campers will learn about archaeology and history, while having fun and undertaking a series of “hands-on” activities including making primitive pottery, using an atlatl, exploring the Neshaminy Creek for evidence of past inhabitants,
and seeing real artifacts and cultural objects. We’ll build an understanding of the diversity of past peoples and lifeways dating to the prehistoric and early historic periods in a unique and enjoyable way!
Matt Bielecki
$269 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $30) RCHYC 6034 C01

Stuff and Fluff

Students will create a variety of stuffed animals, pillows or other projects from paper patterns using sewing machines and hand sewing techniques. Students will learn the basics of constructing and finishing details on soft toys (stuffed animals) and fabric dolls. A variety of projects will be available to each student based on their interests and sewing skills and experience. A variety of materials will be used for exterior fabric as well as filling (fiberfill, beans, rice), and students will have a choice of embellishments to create his/her own individual toy! Students will be provided standard instructions and patterns to follow for initial projects. Once students have mastered sewing with preprinted patterns, some may advance to design their own patterns or sew more advanced projects.
Prerequisite: Some basic sewing skills and experience with a sewing machine. Toys & Sew Much More or any other KOC Sewing camp.
Betsy Kruse, M.B.A
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6035 C01

WeDo Lego Robotics

The students will engage in STEM activities through the use of the Lego WeDo robotics system. Designed for students in upper elementary school this camp will provide and introduction to robotics, programming, and engineering design. Student will complete a series of engaging, open-ended series of elementary STEM activities where they don’t just learn they do.
Brian Ulkloss M.A
$259 ( Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6036 C01, C02, C03

Think, solve, create!

If you like puzzles, riddles, and brainteasers, join us for some problem solving fun! This camp explores critical thinking and creative problem solving in a variety of settings, including outside group activities, games, puzzles and projects. Students will investigate math games, explore language puzzles, and create solutions to a variety of challenges. Think outside the box and have some brain-busting fun!"
Kate D' Auria M.A
$209 ( Tuition $189/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6038 C01

Beat The Heat

The summer can get awfully hot, and what better way to cool off than with water! Discover all the different things water can do! With a mix of games and science, we are going to stay cool all week! Water balloon baseball, slip n slides, explore the properties of water in a fun and exciting way. Bring your bathing suit and a towel.
Kate Gosser
$259 (Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6037 C01, C02

Introduction to Alice 3D Animation Programming

Alice 3D programming is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create animation for telling a story or creating playing an interactive game. This program exposes students to object-oriented programming. It allows students to learn fundamental programming concepts in the context of creating animated 3D stories and games.
Karen Rodriquez
$259 (Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6039 C01

Introduction to Scratch Programming

Scratch Programming is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. This program encourages creative thinking & logical reasoning as well as provides an opportunity to work collaboratively. Children will learn how to create digital stories, digital games, electronic greeting cards and much more.
Karen Rodriquez
$259 (Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6040 C01

Fun with Chemistry

Calling all young chemists! Step inside the lab and experience science right in front of your eyes! Students will learn the properties of chemistry through experiments they can perform at their very own home. Activities include making quick sand, glowing water, putty, crystal snowflakes, and many more! This camp will suit children who have a curiosity for the world around them and enjoy learning.
William Butler
$259 (Tuition $239/ Material fee $20) RCHYC 6041 C01, C02