B.R.I.N.G. Events

Bucks Resource & Information Networking Group

Bring it on.  Bucks Resource & Information Networking Group

Thanks to all of you who made BRING it on possible.  Check back for updates on when the next BRING event is going to be.

 Bucks is at the center of your network.

The Following Sponsors Participated at Our Last Event:

  • Penn Fab
  • Bio Pharm
  • Fred Beans
  • Lower Bucks Hospital
  • NHS Human Services
  • St. Marys Medical Center
  • Peddler's Village
  • VMWare
  • Harbor Partners, IT Recruiter
  • Viridian
  • Huntington Valley Bank
  • First Federal of Bucks County

What did they speak about?

  • The depth of opportunity in some of the most dynamic industries in our county.
  • Industry statistics and employment numbers in Bucks.
  • A sense of in-demand positions and projected industry growth, county-wide.

For More information, or to express interest in becoming a BRING it on sponsor, email: coned@bucks.edu
or, call: (215) 504-8532