Project Management

Project Management Classroom

This Project Management Certificate Program will assist students in augmenting the skills necessary to remain competitive in the project management field. When students complete this program, they will have a good foundation in the many aspects of the project management life cycle. The intended audience this program is project managers, business unit managers, sales force, marketing and business analysts. Matthew Tyksinski, B.S.

Module I: Project Strategies, Start-Up & Initial Planning

Module 1 covers the process of initial discovery to produce a project proposal, present the proposal to the customer, and refine the proposal content to form the basis of a project contract, plus introduction to initial planning.

Newtown/ $525 (Plus the $75 for textbook)/WSMCE 5403 C01/ (31 Hrs)
5 Wed, 9/16-10/14, 6-9pm
4 Sa, 9/19-10/17; 8:30am-12:30pm

Module II: Scheduling, Monitoring/ Controlling and Closing (Post-Implementation)
Prerequisite: Module I

Module II takes the project proposal through the Organizational and Operational Phases, building the project plan and addressing potential changes throughout the project. Content includes the change management that is inherent in every project. The experiences and lessons learned from participating in the case study workshops will assist the students to incorporate best practices and improve their understanding of the project management process.

Newtown/ $525 /WSMCE 5404 C01/ (31 Hrs)
5 Wed, 11/4-12/9, 6-9pm
4 Sa, 11/7-12/5; 8:30am-12:30pm

Project Management Online

This comprehensive online program is designed to familiarize managers, executives, professionals and project specialists with the importance of good project launches, effective planning and scheduling, and important control and closing of a project. Participants will learn the project management life cycle. This online course does not require the students to “meet” online at specific times. However, this is not a self-paced course. Every week students are expected to complete specific reading, practice and assignment(s), to post to specific online discussions, and to assess your weekly progress using the weekly quiz. Students can do this at any time during the week as long as assignments are completed by the end of every Sunday.
Celine Gullace, Ph.D., PMP

Text required:
Project Management in Practice 5th edition – ISBN No. 978-1-118-67466-6; approximate cost: $158

Module 1: Getting Started, Initiating a Project and Initial Planning

Online/ $525 (plus $158 for textbooks)/ (30 Hrs)
WSMCE 5405 C20/ 9/21-10/26

Module II: Scheduling, Monitoring/Controlling and Closing (Post-Implementation)

Online/ $525 / (30 Hrs)
WSMCE 5406 C20/ 11/2-12/7

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