Live and learn at Bucks

There is so much happening at Bucks!

Think of Student Life as college involvement beyond the classroom.

Getting involved at college is a great way to explore your interests, make new friends, test your leadership potential, network, and build a resume that is oozing job marketability.  Some of our programs are strictly for entertainment or recreation, while others are created by what is happening in our community or in the world.

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How to get involved in Student Life

  • Join clubs & organizations or participate in events that help develop your leadership skills.
  • Become a Bucks Student Leader. Help us with New Student Orientation, Bucks Ambassadors, server on a committee, much more!
  • Let our Student Life Programs office help you find your passion, whether it's in service, social, or recreational pursuits. If you have an idea, we can help you turn it into a reality!
  • Open to all Bucks students on all of our campuses.
  • We have clubs and organizations of a wide variety!
    • social programs
    • academic honors
    • ethnicity
    • cultural heritage
    • professional interests
    • service-oriented volunteerism
    • religion
    • recreation
    • leadership and Student Government
    • music
    • literature
    • entrepreneurs
    • travel
    • environment
  • Student Life also means athletics!
    • Men's basketball
    • Women's basketball
    • Men's Soccer
    • Women's Soccer
    • Golf
    • Women's Volleyball
    • Tennis
    • Equestrian
    • Baseball