Department of Business Studies

Our degree and certificate programs are among the most comprehensive in the area, including everything from accounting and banking to paralegal, retail and small business management. We even offer programs for chefs, hotel and restaurant managers and entrepreneurs.

Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder or launch the next successful business as a bold entrepreneur, Bucks has what you need.

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Advising Information

If you are currently enrolled in 12 or more credits, you have an assigned faculty advisor.
You need to contact your advisor:

  • Check your Bucksmail and/or Web Advisor (go to Academic Profile and then My Profile) to view the name and contact information of your assigned Faculty Advisor.
  • Connect with your advisor as soon as possible to discuss your educational goals, current course progress and spring course plans.

If you are currently enrolled in 11 or fewer credits, you are encouraged to seek advising as it can be helpful to achieving your educational goals:

  • You may access advising by contacting a faculty member in the Business Studies department that houses your major between October 13 and December 5.
  • If you plan to take 12 or more credits in Spring 2015, you need to be advised.

Location and Phone Numbers

Department Office Location: PENN 401

Dean: Tracy Timby

Office Phone Number: (215) 968-8227

Office Fax Number: (215) 504-8509