Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Programs


Stackable Certificates with Multiple Entry and Exit Points

This training will provide students with the core skills and hands-on training needed to meet the qualifications leading to the Advanced Manufacturing Integrated Systems Technology (AMIST) Level 1 certification and/or other career pathways in advanced manufacturing.  Training consists of instructor-led and self-paced online study, as well as hands-on equipment training.   This coursework will serve as a foundation for students to move along the path to advanced certification in manufacturing.

Examples of occupations include:

  • Production Technicians
  • CNC Operators
  • Welders

The following are programs of study available in Advanced Manufacturing: ‌

Production Technician Certificate


  • Introduction to Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Production Skills 1

Industrial Welding I Certificate


  • Intro to Manufacturing
  • Welding Basics
  • SimWelding
  • Welding Lab

CNC Operator Certificate


  • Intro to Manufacturing
  • Basic Trigonomethry
  • CNC Operator
  • CNC Operator Lab
  • Welding lab

Each certificate starts with the basics – Introduction to Manufacturing.  Add courses and credentials to build the pathway to your career.  Already have manufacturing experience? Test outs available.

Introduction to Manufacturing

WTMCO 1630 (40 hours in class, plus online study)

Topics include:

  • Principles of Advanced Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Processes and Production (MSSC)
  • Tool Safety and Usage
  • Measurement Concepts and Tools    
  • Quality Practices and Measurement (MSSC)
  • Maintenance Awareness (MSSC)
  • Applied Shop Math Review
  • Mechanical Fabrication
  • Industrial Safety (MSSC)
  • Basic Print and Schematics Reading
  • Soldering Techniques
  • Communication, Teamwork, and Customer Service Skills

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Program development is funded in whole or in part by the US Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration